GUEST COLUMN: “Daniel Bryan, Curtis Axel, and the Issue of the Failed Wrestling Star” by David M. Levin

Daniel Bryan 2Editor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by David M. Levin.

Before he joined the “highly successful” trio 3MB of the WWE, Drew McIntyre was hand-picked by Vince McMahon as “The Chosen One” of the company.

Before he became a mid-card jobber, Johnny Curtis or Fandango was a hand-picked “pet project” by McMahon. No word yet on whether McMahon feels Curtis has reached his full potential with the company.

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Mick Foley shares his thoughts on Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family

Mick FoleyMick Foley has published a new Facebook blog on the angle from RAW where Daniel Bryan joined The Wyatt Family. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“For the record, I am a huge daniel Bryan fan. I thought a Bryan win would have been best for business at “Hell in a Cell”. I think Bryan winning the Royal Rumble, and the potential of 75,000 strong in New Orleans chanting “YES” at the conclusion of Wrestlemania – providing an image for the ages….and sending people home HAPPY – will be what’s best for business in April. But could this recent turn of events with Bray Wyatt be what’s best for business now?

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Daniel Bryan talks about 2013 being his breakout year, and more

Daniel Bryan 2Recap courtesy of

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Masked Man of for a Q&A.
Here are some highlights:

2013 was a breakout year for you. What went right?

I think teaming with Kane in Team Hell No was really entertaining for the fans. I think WWE fans have always appreciated my wrestling, but they wanted something more as far as personality goes, and Team Hell No really gave them that. And just being given the opportunity to be seen as a main-event guy. For John Cena to pick me as his opponent for the SummerSlam main event was huge for me. That was the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had. Very few people are given that kind of opportunity.

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Falls Count Anywhere: Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Unified Champion, and more


Hello once again wrestling fans.  A lot has happened since my last article, therefore, once again….Let’s get to it!

Daniel Bryan

This guy’s potential is absolutely endless.  The week of TLC, WWE broadcast Raw from Bryan’s home state of Washington.  The reaction for him anywhere else is strong.  However, in Seattle, the people seemed to get louder, the longer the night went on.  Why they are not using him in the main card is beyond comprehension.  Randy Orton, and much to my regret John Cena are major players, however, when chants of “Dan-iel Bry-an” and “Yes” drown out the promo’s with almost every major champion over the past decade in the ring.  That speaks volumes.  I like the Wyatt family, it’s a great new group of characters, but Daniel Bryan should not be wasted with them.  In my mind, along with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan is the best in the business today.  They should be at least used like it. reports Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan to get married in April

Bella and DanielCourtesy of

Since they got engaged earlier this year, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have let a few details slip about their wedding plans.

Brie has discussed Austin, Texas as a possible wedding site, as she says they’re looking to have a “rustic, country wedding”.

More recently, Daniel revealed when they plan on tying the knot, telling the Boston Herald that they’ll be getting married this April.

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Daniel Bryan 2The following article appears on and was written by The Masked Man:

Last Monday, John Cena (the actual face of WWE) interrupted an in-ring conversation between Randy Orton (the story line “face of WWE”) and Triple H (the actual and story line front-office figure). In trying to make sense of the crowd’s seeming revolt of late — incessantly invoking Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chant, not shelling out for PPVs, ignoring Randy Orton — Cena posited: “You wanna know why they cheer for Daniel Bryan? You wanna know why they chant ‘Yes’? It’s because they’re sick of the administrative B.S.”

Pro wrestling is an art that works in broad strokes, a form with simplicity at its core, so when trying to figure out an answer, Occam’s razor usually does the trick. It could be that fans are disappointed that Bryan got shuffled ungraciously from the main event picture, only to be replaced by the Big Show, who usurped Bryan’s “Yes!” chant and who, combined with Orton, sucked all the air out of the arena at Survivor Series. Bryan, meanwhile, was paired with CM Punk to take on a group of evil newcomers named the Wyatt Family. As compelling as the Wyatts may be, the feud was widely seen as a demotion for Bryan and Punk. Not everybody can be in the main event every month (except Cena), and the Wyatt feud was good for what it was — and even better for the joy of seeing Punk and Bryan together in the ring and in interviews. The real problem wasn’t their absence in the main event — it was the absence of dynamism in the Orton-Show story line. WWE sensed this and ended the Survivor Series main event with John Cena — who had concluded his own milquetoast feud with Alberto Del Rio earlier in the night — storming to the ring and holding up his World Heavyweight Championship belt as Orton held the WWE Championship belt, making the universal sign for a champion-vs.-champion match.

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Why the Authority Storyline isn’t Working

Stephanie McMahonWarning, The following is a clear cut rant from a wrestling fan since I was born. I have never have gone away from the product and stuck through from the attitude era until now. Now that’s over, let’s get into it.

I am a Triple H fan and proud to say it, I have nothing against the Big Show who I think best work is behind him. WWE wonders why there viewership’s is not where it once was. Let’s look at this, you have John Cena as WWE champion leading into SummerSlam, he is defending against the most over guy in the company in Daniel Bryan. You have Daniel Bryan win the title but is screwed by Randy Orton and Triple H. Orton is new champion. Stop right there, Bryan wins title but is screwed. There is your story, its simple go two PPV first with Orton barely retaining then have Bryan win the Title (Story Complete)

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My ideal booking for the Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV

TLCNow I don’t know the order nor the matches that are set in stone for this PPV but I want to make a match card and explain how I would book it. These may be wrong and not the brightest.

TLC Match For Both WWE and World Heavyweight Titles: John Cena Vs. Randy Orton 
Many people think this is the unification match for both titles but I would say you’re wrong. I see this as what it should be. Cena goes on to win it; He holds both titles until WrestleMania 30. Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Cena to a unification match at WM 30. The winner is the “Undisputed Champion” of the WWE. I would have John Cena go over to make the title prestige once again and they would go on to feud over the title. It gives both men a mission and a storyline for the next couple months.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. The Big Show For the Right For the Big Show to face Triple H at Royal Rumble PPV. 
For months now the rumor as been Big Show and Triple H will get a match together down the road. Most of the past couple months have felt like that with Big Show being broke storyline and Triple H costing him the WWE Title at Survivor Series. With Del Rio kicking him in the head and probably a concussion storyline on Raw. This will make sense to have all men have a program. Big Show blames the “Authority” AKA Triple H for not letting him compete for the next two weeks. Then the stipulation is added.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Rhode Brothers Vs. Wyatt Family, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a 8 Man Tag Team Table Match
Punk and Bryan was taken out by Both Wyatt Family and The Shield on Raw. The Rhode Brothers already have a feud with The Shield. Have the Rhode Bothers come to their rescue and they team up in a match of the night candidate. Have Reigns spear one of them through a table and continue this feud between Punk and Bryan Vs. the Wyatt’s.

Tornado Style Chair Tag Team Match: Mark Henry and Big E. Langston Vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback 
On this past week’s Raw we saw Henry and Langston tag up. They were dominating and for some odd reason WWE keeps the former “Heyman Guys” together. All four men have a history so why not let me go at it. Have Henry and Langston in a dominate style

Ladder Match: The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston
It’s the opening match or Pre-Show match. Let them go out and burn down the house. Have Kingston go over to further more make Miz mad and push him closer to being a heel.

Divas Title Match: Brie Bella Vs. AJ Lee ©
They been teasing for Brie to finally beat AJ and at this PPV let her go over. New Champion!

Do you agree? Disagree? Or even think these matches happen. Let me know.

— Andy

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