Former ECW champion Justin Credible has posted a new blog at

justin_credibleFormer ECW Champion Justin Credible has posted a new blog at This week Credible talks on Darren Young “coming out,” Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam, Monday’s Raw, being 9 months sober, among other topics. Jason Knight is this week’s special guest on Justin Credible’s Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Here is an extract from “The Justin Credible Report”:

“What a week for the WWE. Summer Slam is in the books, and there is so much to talk about. First leading into the PPV in LA, Darren Young comes out to TMZ that he is gay.

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AS I SEE IT: The real story of SummerSlam weekend

AISIAS I SEE IT: The real story of SummerSlam weekend
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Usually before a major PPV, I’ll offer some guesses as to who’s going over in the scheduled matches. Sometimes right. Sonetimes wrong. And you would have read this yesterday, of course.

On the weekend before a major PPV, USUALLY WWE is busy building up to a major PPV like SummerSlam the weekend before. A buildup that’s usually a predictable series of scheduled events including Fan AXXESS, community-based PR events, and the like, leading up to the actual PPV. Newspapers in that city often report on community-based events. Those happened this weekend.

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GUEST AUTHOR: “Darren Young and Our Vastly Different World” by Tony Pires

darren youngEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by Tony Pires.

The views expressed in the following article are those only of Anthony Pires and may not represent the opinions of the staff of

Throughout my time with ProSportsFix, I’ve tried to keep my written articles sports oriented.  My audio shows have been a mix of sports and professional wrestling.  Today, however, those two worlds collided.  And the sports world can learn an awful lot.

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