Recent Scott Hall interview

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Scott Hall joined ‘Inside The Ropes’ this past Thursday to talk about getting sober and his career in professional wrestling. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

About being a top guy in the WWE today and his son Cody going there:  “I don’t get to watch a lot of WWE, but through this internet thing, Some people comment about a guy becoming the World Champ or the US champ and a couple of weeks later he’s down the card in the opening match. I think that kills the image of being a top guy. But I guess the promoters, the guys in the WWE calling the shots are seeing it like ‘We’re giving you a chance and if you don’t produce, you don’t produce and back down you go’ I’ve talked to Cody about it a lot and he’s in no hurry to go there. He’d rather be seasoned and polished before he makes a move like that.”

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