PRESS RELEASE: New details on the next half of WWE’s “Total Divas”

Total DivasE! sent out the following press release last week:

E! and WWE’s TOTAL DIVAS to Return 11/17

Six new episodes of “Total Divas” debuts on Sunday, November 17, when season one of E!’s breakout hit series continues to take viewers inside the lives of the biggest female names in WWE: Nikki and Brie Bella (WWE Divas “The Bella Twins”), Nattie (WWE Diva “Natalya”), Trinity (WWE Diva “Naomi”), Ariane (WWE Diva “Cameron”) and WWE Divas-in-training Eva Marie and JoJo. The action will pick up with some newlywed drama for Nattie as her new husband has trouble seeing his wife in the ring with WWE Superstars for a living. Nikki will be moving in with John Cena, who just suffered an injury, and is surprised with a “co-habitation agreement,” while her twin sister Brie is having trouble finding common ground with her WWE Superstar boyfriend Daniel Bryan.

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Recent Kaitlyn interview on the ‘Chad Dukes Wrestling Show’

Kaitlyn 2WWE Diva Kaitlyn recently spoke to Chad Dukes of The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show.

Here are some highlights:

Total Divas:
“I think it’s such a great thing for the WWE in general it brings people that don’t normally watch, aren’t typically wrestling fans, aren’t sports entertainment fans, people that would just watch the E! network, and it kind of gives us like a broader demographic, and opens up our world to people.

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TopDivas_crop_650x440Courtesy of

There have been hundreds of women who have starred on WWE programming over the past 30 years.

We’ve seen evil managers, sexy valets, brave backstage interviewers and amazing wrestlers.

In the late ’90s, they were no longer known simply as women, they became “divas.” They had their own division, titles and storylines. Every fan seemed to have their favorite.

Even though the term “diva” is fairly new for WWE, the contribution of women to the company goes back much further.

This list takes a look at the greatest women wrestlers and personalities in WWE since the beginning of the WrestleMania era.

This is only for a woman’s contribution solely to the WWF/E. So keep in mind, some women featured here may not be ranked as high as they would be on an all-time greatest list.

The criteria for the ranking is based on a mixture of how management pushed them, their importance to the company, their popularity and their in-ring abilities.

With E!’s Total Divas under way, let’s take a look back at the ladies who paved the way.

Here is the top 50 of the most beautiful, breathtaking and butt-kicking women in WWE history.

See the list here:

E! picks up second season of “Total Divas”

Total Divas 3Courtesy of Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online (

Given the ratings success of the show, it’s no surprise that E! has picked up a second season of “Total Divas”, with six new episodes ordered.

The current season ends on 9/15.  The new season would run from 11/17 to 12/22, and be debuting each week in the same Sunday night at 10 p.m. time slot.

View the article here:

REVIEW: “WWE ‘Total Divas’ begins with WrestleMania rhubarb, plus John Cena romancing Nikki Bella” by Josh Stewart of

Total Divas 3Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on and was written by Josh Stewart:

WWE “Total Divas” debuted on E! Sunday night with a clear advantage over its reality show counterparts.

For those tired of producer-driven “staged reality,” WWE starts with a lower threshold for success than Kardashian kin or “Storage Wars” combatants. Amazingly, there’s still a level of disappointment when folks find out half of what their favorite reality show features is smoke and mirrors.

But this is the wrestling business — where the goal is to suspend reality through intricate storylines. If 20 percent of what WWE presents in its new show about its female combatants offers anything approaching reality, it’s a hearty reveal, not a deflating farce.

To that end, Sunday’s initial episode scored in offering viewers something to make them at least feel that they weren’t completely being, as they say in the wrestling business, “worked.”

A promoted eight-person mixed tag match was nixed from April 7’s WrestleMania, the victim of time constraints. I covered WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium, and was shocked that the company ran the three main event matches consecutively with no lighter bout to give the fans a breather.

As it turns out, a longer-than-expected Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar bout bounced the tag match between the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, and “Team Rhodes Scholars” versus the pom-pom wielding “Funkadactyls,” aka Ariane and Trinity, along with Tons of Funk.

Unless WWE promoted a WrestleMania match just to kill it so they’d have drama for a side project — and I don’t buy that — then we saw something real as Ariane and Trinity (ring names Cameron and Naomi) sat deflated on the locker room floor commiserating over how there may be just a few years to chase these dreams before other goals like becoming a mom take over.

As for the rest of the show, the jury is still out on where WWE’s machinations begin and end, largely because much of that cattiness that was shown Sunday fit too neatly with what we see every week on “Monday Night Raw.”

* Nikki and Brie are the sexy sirens who irritate dutiful second-generation grappler Natalya by leaving the company for nearly a year, then reappearing to steal Nattie’s thunder. (Nikki won line of the night with, “If I wasn’t a Bella Twin, I’d want to be a Bella twin.” What in the world could be irritating about that?)

* Nattie, instead of getting a WrestleMania match, gets stuck babysitting Divas-in-training Eva Marie and Jojo and fusses about her position. (“I actually taught them [the Bellas] how to wrestle… They’re throwing their weight around,” Nattie fumes.)

* Eva Marie challenges WWE brass by dying her hair beet red when she was supposed to
become a blonde. She gets a grudging approval and a warning at the same time, cementing what could be a predetermined “rebel” role on the show.

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Trish Stratus reflects on Robert Kennedy Publishing after their bankruptcy announcement

Trish 3Before she was a Hall of Fame competitor in WWE, Trish Stratus was an internationally renowned Fitness Model; and now, in an exclusive interview, the fitness icon looks back on her start with Robert Kennedy Publishing following the company’s surprise bankruptcy announcement last month.

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GUEST COLUMN: ‘How AJ, Kaitlyn, and the fans have brought the WWE Divas division back from the brink’ by Sean Linhares


Editor’s note: The following article was written by Sean Linhares and originally appeared on

In business, the customer is king. It’s a simple idea of Capitalism, if the customer states that they want something from a business, that business gives it to the consumer.

WWE is, of course, a business, and so it operates under those same rules. While McDonalds may have to give in to their customers’ demands for more French fries, WWE must do the same with their on screen product. If the fans don’t like someone or something in WWE, it is immediately dropped, as it’s simply bad for business to have someone on your program that is universally disliked.

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