Recent Dynamite Kid interview


Source: have released the following synopsis on their forthcoming documentary on the legendary Dynamite Kid:

The definitive documentary about wrestling legend Dynamite Kid and his impact in the world of professional wrestling. Two disc set.

This project began when traveled to Manchester, England to conduct a simple interview with Tom Billington about his wrestling career. Prior to this interview, nobody knew very much about what happened to Dynamite Kid since he retired from pro wrestling and nobody had been able to unravel the myths surrounding his legacy.

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‘Legends of the Ring’ holding 1 more Dynamite Kid signing

From Legends of the Ring:

For those who missed out on the first Dynamite Kid signing a few months back we have started collecting items from our customers who still want things autographed by Dynamite. We will be accepting orders from NOW until January 1st when we will be sending the items off to England to be autographed.

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Support the Dynamite Kid documentary

Recently the video crew traveled to Manchester, England where they spent three days with the world-renowned wrestling legend known as Dynamite Kid. Their purpose for the trip initially was fairly straight forward – they had traveled to England to conduct the very first video shoot interview of any kind with the reclusive wrestling legend. However after spending that time with Dynamite they knew a normal “shoot interview” would not do justice to this particular individual.

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