IWC Round-up: WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV

EliminationChamberPPV2014IWC Round-up: WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV

Did you enjoy last night’s WWE pay-per-view Elimination Chamber? Here’s what some of the best writers from the Internet Wrestling Community are saying about the show:

The 5 Count – episode #7

5countheaderAs WWE gears up for Elimination Chamber, Cesaro drops “Antonio” and gets a push. We finally get some answers in the Abyss/Joseph Park saga…or do we? How do you squeeze 276 lbs into a 215 lbs box? Kat and Bo take a look back at a John Cena rap. Who will be the next Superstar inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame? We have a new leader atop the #MeatTwitcher board. All this and more on the fast 22 minutes in sports and entertainment. Its…The 5 Count!

‘Elimination Chamber’ IWC Round-up


The best writers from around the Internet Wrestling Community recap last night’s WWE PPV “Elimination Chamber”.  What did you think?