Special edition of WWNLive Alerts – The state of DGUSA/EVOLVE address

EVOLVE_Wrestling_0001Special edition of WWNLive Alerts – The state of DGUSA/EVOLVE address

From the desk of Gabe Sapolsky:

2013 has come to a close for Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE since the last show of the calendar year was DGUSA Freedom Fight 2013 on November 17th. This means it’s a good time to give The State Of DGUSA/EVOLVE Address as we look back at 2013 and prepare for 2014. This isn’t going to be filled with hype or cheerleading type stuff. Instead, it’ll just be a series of bullet points to let you know what’s going on.

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WWNLive Alerts – November 28, 2013 Edition: DGUSA, Chris Hero, Young Bucks, iPPVs, Black Friday specials, and more!

DGUSAWWNLive Alerts – November 28, 2013 Edition

We are so excited after the tremendous Dragon Gate USA events in New York City last weekend!!! Thank you to all the fans in Queens and Brooklyn for giving us two packed buildings and taking the shows to the next level. You have given us momentum and  things will get more exciting in the future. We have news on the next shows, the future of Chris Hero and The Young Bucks in the WWNLive Family, lots of talent announcements, another new DVD and more. Let’s get to it….

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WWNLive Alerts – August 30, 2013 Edition

EVOLVE_Wrestling_0001WWNLive Alerts – August 29th, 2013 Edition

We are closing in on the next EVOLVE weekend and things are really coming together.

This edition of the WWNLive Alerts is focused on EVOLVE 23 on September 21st in Ridgewood, NY and EVOLVE 24 on September 22nd in Brooklyn, NY. We have several talent and match announcements. Let’s get to it….

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WWNLive Alerts – June 14, 2013 edition

WNN Live Magazine

WWNLive Alerts – June 14th, 2013 Edition

EVOLVE 16 DVD Trailer! Get 2 Tournament Finals On 1 DVD Including Jon Davis vs. Bobby Fish and Jon Moxley (WWE Dean Ambrose) vs. Sami Callihan. Order at www.DGUSA.tv.

Tickets go on sale RIGHT NOW for Dragon Gate USA in July. We have all the details, including talent announcements, in this edition of the WWNLive Alerts. Let’s get  to it….

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WWNLive Alerts – April 22, 2013


We are back with our first WWNLive Alerts since WrestleCon. We know we hit you with a lot of email blasts around the time of WrestleCon and we don’t want you to feel spammed. That’s why we took a little time off and also why we always try to provide some newsworthy or fun information in the WWNLive Alerts. It’s time to catch up on some things and we value your time so let’s get to it….

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WWNLive Alerts – March 27, 2013 Edition


WWNLive Alerts – March 27st, 2013 Edition

It’s just over two weeks until WrestleCon and the hype machine is rolling!!! We are back with two must see videos, more match announcements, a look at this Saturday’s SHINE live iPPV and other newbits.  Now, we know your time is valuable so let’s get to it….

Brian Kendrick’s promo has been answered. It will be Brian Kendrick & Johnny Gargano vs. Orange Cassidy  & Drew Gulak of The Gentleman’s Club at EVOLVE 19 on April 5th at WrestleCon. Gargano had this to say: “I enjoyed wrestling Brian at DGUSA in Los Angeles, although I don’t agree with his tactics. Still, he brought something out of me. I’d be more  than happy to team with him, especially against The Gentleman’s Club.”

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