OWW FORUM RESPONSE: What if Kevin Nash never left to WCW?


Editor’s note: OWW Forum member TheKingOfHarts posted this response in the Forum topic: What If Kevin Nash Never Left to WCW?

This question was on another forum I visit often and it intrigued me a lot, so I’ve decided to go ahead and summarize my thoughts on what I believe would happen. I delve extremely deep as a touch upon many other subjects, not just Kevin Nash. So enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think on this.

This has endless possibilities, for one, there’s no nWo so you have to think about wrestling as a whole because of that, would it have been the pop culture phenomenon that it was in the late 1990s, probably not so the big boom never happens, HHH would’ve won KOTR 1996 since there was no curtain call so Hunter may have been the guy earlier than what happened without Diesel, but of course, HHH winning means Austin didn’t so Austin doesn’t get his breakout 3:16 moment but I still believe he would’ve persevered and became a name, heck he could’ve won KOTR 1997 since the WWE wouldn’t have the Game win back-to-back years, but could Mankind have gotten a KOTR victory, Vader was booted from the tournament so would he have been in the running? I’d mention Ahmed Johnson but apparently HBK hated him, according to Ahmed so take that as you will.

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The 1980′s Wrestling Boom: Discuss now in the OWW Forums!

Forums_4Courtesy of Shocky Muraco, the OWW Forums editor:

I’ve just finished watching a six part series on that National Geographic channel called ‘The ’80s, The Decade That Made Us’. The doco looks at the US, how the Ronald Reagan era changed everything for the better and how Reagan used Hollywood and pop culture to accomplish that through a film like Back to the Future – rediscovering ones history to find ones self again, the Cosby Show – the first African American middle class TV family, action heroes like Rambo and Michael Knight and MTV – Walk This Way – the collaboration between Aerosmith (rock n roll) and RUNDMC (hip hop) which broke musical barriers. The Pro Wrestling Boom coincided alongside these pop culture icons that went global.

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