Women’s Wrestling Write-up: October 15, 2012

Hello Online World of Wrestling visitors and welcome to the fourteenth edition of the Women’s Wrestling Write-Up! I’m Jack White (@Jack5326 on Twitter, getting my plug in early!) and I am currently listening to Adele’s epic Bond theme ‘Skyfall’, which is rather fitting as WWE and TNA have provided us with a very action-packed and entertaining week of competition.

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Recent Gail Kim interview

Courtesy of LordsofPain.net:

TNA Knockout Gail Kim recently spoke to SpencerDailyReporter.com to promote this weekend’s TNA house show tour in Iowa. says she’s been “feeling the groove” since returning to TNA last year. Here are some highlights:

Working As Heel: “I’m looking forward to being the heel. I change my wrestling moves. When I’m a heel, I’m more technical and use submissions. When I’m a baby-face, I’m more of a high flyer.”

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