Recent George South interview

George South

Regular host Jack E. Jones and Guest co-host President Clinton welcomed “The Last Wrestler” George South to IYH Wrestling Radio for another three-hour marathon interview.

Highlights included the following:

Why are there no more good heels in wrestling?

“Well, you know, the worst thing I think that has happened is most heels or bad guys think if they just go out and cuss somebody that’s going to get heat.  I always tell guys that most of the fans are getting cussed out at their jobs, they’re getting cussed out at home by their husband or wife, if they come to the matches the last thing they want to do is get cussed out.  What’s missing is you really don’t have many heels left to pass on that knowledge of pulling the hair or having a little gimmick in your tights or something; it’s a lost art.  The biggest thing now that I think is it’s hard to tell who the heels are and who the babyfaces are.  It goes all the way back to the way I was trained; that the heel’s number one job is to get the babyface over.  That’s where you run into a brick wall with your heels; they think it’s the other way around.  They don’t have a clue that they’re there to get that babyface over.”

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