Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff recently joined The Greg DeMarco Show

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Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff joined The Greg DeMarco Show to discuss the promotion’s free iPPV stream of Death Before Dishonor through GFL.

Ring of Honor’s iPPV history and their prior decision to discontinue with that medium:
“The Internet Pay Per Views have very much been a part of presenting our product to a wider audience. We began our relationship with Go Fight Live…they’re a tremendous vendor and I’m not even sure that it’s entirely then or us. You’re dealing with a technology that’s very difficult…it’s an inexact science. … it’s an expectation of the fans that they get a complete program without incident. … It became a situation where I decided that I’d rather present a clean program even if it was a little delayed or on demand, then go through this where the fan is not enjoying the experience with Ring of Honor.”

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The “Greg DeMarco Show” with former WWE superstar Antonio Thomas (NECW) and Michael Barry (TCW)

Greg DAntonio “The Promise” Thomas (NECW) and Michael Barry (TCW) joined The Greg DeMarco Show with to discuss their role in two of independent wrestling’s fastest growing promotions. Hear the top stars in each promotion talk about their television clearance and some big upcoming events as we #SupportIndyWrestling on this week’s #GDMS!

Hosts: Greg DeMarco, Chad Perry, and Heather Lynn

Airs: Sunday nights at 10 PM ive on Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio and available on demand at www.gregdemarcoshow.com.

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