TNA star Gunner talks about TNA pushing younger talent

GunnerTNA star Gunner recently appeared on The RCWR Show and talked about TNA pushing younger talent:

“I think it’s going to be a good change. You named guys like EC3 and the newer guys that may be coming in, but you still have the Kurt Angles and the Jeff Hardys and veterans that are in the position to help younger guys, like myself, out and not only learn more, but see if I can obviously handle the pressure of being in that main event spot.

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TNA star James Storm compares Gunner to his past tag team partners, and more

James-StormFormer TNA World Heavyweight and tag team champion James Storm joined Ring Rust Radio recently.  It was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s TNA career, working through his ankle injury (previously not reported), his reality TV show, Genesis and so much more!

Below is the YouTube video for the interview and full link for the show. Also, a transcription of some of the pertinent questions:

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