“A SummerSlam Story: The Hart Foundation’s 3 Year Quest to Win Back the WWF Tag Team Titles” by Shocky Muraco

Hart FoundationWhen the Hart Foundation relieved Jimmy Hart of his managerial services and turned into fan favourites in 1988, they made a pestering enemy of the Mouth of the South. The Harts set their goal on regaining the WWF Tag Team Championship which was being held by Demolition – Axe and Smash. The Harts/Demolition match took place 25 years ago at the inaugural SummerSlam event; Demolition had the usual services of their manager Mr. Fuji, with the additional support of Jimmy Hart whom stood at ringside for the match. I clearly remember the aftermath seeing an angry, helpless, defeated Jim Neidhart kneeling over the unconscious Bret Hart – the recipient of a megaphone blast to the head which led to the loss of the match.

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The Hart family will be involved with a new promotion called Hart Family Legacy

hart-foundationDavid Dexter reports that the Hart family will be involved with a new promotion called Hart Family Legacy, which debuted Friday, January 18 at the Victoria Pavilion in Calgary, Alberta. Those scheduled to appear include Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters, Kevin Nash, Konnan, El Generico, Sonjay Dutt, IWGP Tag Team champions Harry Smith & Lance Archer, Jack Evans, Scotty Mac, Johnny Devine, Jason the Terrible, Flip Kendrick, Lance Storm, Samuray del Sol, Bryon Wilcott, The Super Smash Brothers, Cody Hall, Chasyn Rance and Matt Hart (Smith’s son).

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WWE Vintage Collection – August 17th, 2012

WWE Vintage Collection on August 17th, 2012 featured these matches:

* Dino Bravo vs. Sam Houston (WWF Prime Time Wrestling – July 25th, 1988)

* Lance Storm vs. Chavo Guerrero (WCW Nitro – July 31st, 2000)

* Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero (WCW Thunder – January 15th, 1998)

* Edge vs. Christian (WWF Unforgiven 2001)

* The Hart Foundation vs. The Rougeaus (WWF Event – September 10th, 1988 – Boston)