GUEST COLUMN: “Doctor’s Orders: An Old School Thought on Personalities and Characters” by The Doc

HonkyTonkMan006Editor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by The Doc (@TheDocLOP).

I was watching the final BCS National Championship game last night and I was struck by something that I noticed from Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who was working for ESPN as an analyst during the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows. When Saban gets in front of a camera, he is just as smooth as silk when breaking down the stories, the game tape, and the moment. Nothing seems lost on him. He is absolutely, 100% a “football genius.” I’m not a ‘Bama fan, by any means, but I respect that guy.

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Recent Honky Tonk Man interview

HTM 2 writer Daniel Pena reports that the Honky Tonk Man appeared on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio with Alan Wojcik and Spug (interviewavailable Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Working in Calgary before coming to the WWE:  “I was still very active in Calgary; in fact, I was the North American Heavyweight Champion I think at that point in time, or if I’m not mistaken… yeah, I think I was because Ron Starr, my partner, we were tag team champions and when those guys left and went to the Maritimes for the summer; and at that point in time I was picked up by WWE, so it was through the good graces of Stu Hart that he brokered the deal for me and gave me the rite of passage to leave Calgary to go over to the WWE. You know, Stu was the nicest guy in the world and would never hold anyone back and of course his son, that being Bret and his son-in-law, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, the Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith. They were, all for of them, there at the time and had went over the year before, then I came over and shortly after that I kind of left it off where Bad News Allen, which became Bad News Brown in WWE, and he came over shortly after me, six-eight months later, and that’s how it went.”

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PCW presents the 10th Annual BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH on September 20th

Former partners will come to blows at DOUBLES FUN CLUB in Winnipeg on September 20th as PREMIER CHAMPION SHIP WRESTLING (PCW) continues its 10th year in operation with their annual BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH.

No strangers to each other or violent encounters, last October JP KAOS and “OUTLAW” ADAM KNIGHT engaged in an epic war after the dissolution of their long running tag team. Now with the “Outlaw’s” career reportedly in a tailspin, he has accepted the challenge to renew his battles under one condition – There can be NO Disqualifications in this Match; Pinfall or Submissons only.

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