Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka and the mysterious death of Nancy Argentino – 30 years later. Case closed?

superflysnukaReport courtesy of David Dexter:

Thirty years ago, Nancy Argentino was fatally injured and rushed from the wrestling superstar’s hotel room in Whitehall. No charges were filed.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka had just walked into his Whitehall hotel room, where a beautiful young woman lay in his bed.

It wasn’t unusual for Snuka, a married man, to spend the night with his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. But on this night, after the budding wrestling superstar had returned from a series of World Wrestling Federation TV tapings at the Allentown Fairgrounds, something was amiss.

Argentino was gasping for air. Yellow fluid oozed from her mouth and nose.

Snuka grabbed the room phone and frantically dialed the front desk. Paramedics rushed her to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where Snuka later stood helplessly and watched doctors try to save his girlfriend’s life. About 3 a.m., Snuka dialed a number in Brooklyn, where Louise Argentino-Upham was startled awake by her mother sitting on the bed, phone pressed to her ear.

“Dead?” Caroline Argentino, Nancy’s mother, cried out. “Dead?”

The date was May 11, 1983.

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