TNA star James Storm compares Gunner to his past tag team partners, and more

James-StormFormer TNA World Heavyweight and tag team champion James Storm joined Ring Rust Radio recently.  It was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s TNA career, working through his ankle injury (previously not reported), his reality TV show, Genesis and so much more!

Below is the YouTube video for the interview and full link for the show. Also, a transcription of some of the pertinent questions:

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Cowboy James Storm returns to Lewisburg, TN this Saturday December 7, 2013

Cowboy james“Cowboy” James Storm has been one of Tennessee’s best wrestling successes.

Having held multiple titles with Impact! wrestling, Storm has been one of those stories that people love to hear.  But this Saturday night, Storm will be returning to the area at All-Star Wrestling in Lewisburg, Tennessee, to take care of a problem.

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XTREME ENTERTAINMENT PODCAST – Is TNA Bound For Glory or Bound For Failure?




Mr. Paul: Let’s start by looking at the show as a whole. Did you feel they did a good job of building the show as a major/ biggest TNA PPV of the year?

Mario: While they promoted the show well on Impact it didn’t really feel like their biggest show of the year. I felt that the card was a bit bland on paper and I thought it was going to be a 2 match show (Aces & 8s + the world title match), but the action was solid top to bottom with a few surprisingly good matches.

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Recent “Cowboy” James Storm interview

David Dexter reports that “Cowboy” James Storm appeared on Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio with Big D and Crisco to discuss hanging out with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, his favorite tag team partner, an odd fan experience and more.

You recently were tweeting with a certain “rattlesnake” about sharing beers, what does one chat with Stone Cold about?

“Ya know, we talked, beer drinkin’, road stories & ya know, comin’ up in the business. Ya know he did a lot of his stuff in the south, he did a lot of stuff in Memphis with the USWA and stuff like that so…He’s good friends with Dutch Mantell, one of my mentors, so we got a lot of things in common! We just sat there and shot the poo…don’t wanna use the other word!!”

If you could change one thing about your character or your persona in the ring, what would it be?

“I am not really sure, I still get held back a little bit of what I can do out in the ring. I wish I could be a little more me!!”

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