reports that NASCAR broadcaster Hermie Sadler joins Global Force Wrestling

SadlerCourtesy of reporter Josh Stewart:

Hermie Sadler’s return to a race car is tied into another passion he’s getting back into — professional wrestling.

The former NASCAR driver and current Fox Sports 1 NASCAR personality said Friday he has accepted a position on the board of directors of Global Force Wrestling, the new promotion launched by TNA founder and former WWE star Jeff Jarrett.

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Toby KeithEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by Josh Stewart.

Rumors of a partnership between country music superstar Toby Keith and TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett to start a new pro wrestling promotion have swirled online since shortly after a report last month by The Wrestling Observer newsletter that said Keith had unsuccessfully tried to purchase TNA.

While others have quickly denied interest in buying TNA or joining an effort to launch a new company, Jarrett and a publicist for Keith have neither confirmed nor denied the reports when contacted multiple times this month.

On Jan. 14, Jarrett said via email that he wasn’t doing any interviews right now. On Wednesday, he again declined an interview request via email, but added, “I can tell you I’m making good progress, so, stay tuned!”

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TNA’s Jeff Jarrett announced for Great Muta’s WRESTLE-1 Event October 6, 2013

Jeff JarrettSource:

Jeff Jarrett returning to Japan next month as he’s been announced for the October 6, 2013 Wrestle-1 event in Tokyo.

The Great Muta promotion debuted earlier today.  Several days ago, Muta stated that no TNA talents would be part of the debut event, which  featured a slew of mystery competitors.

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Bob’s Random Rumblings – Rebooking the 1993 WWF King of the Ring

Random Rumblings

The first annual King of the Ring is upon is in the Rebooking. WWF World Champion Bret Hart defends the championship against Bam Bam Bigelow. The Steiner Brothers challenge Money Inc. for the WWF World Tag Team Championships in a no disqualification contest. Plus, who wins the King of the Ring tournament to get a title shot at SummerSlam? Find out here!

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Bob’s Random Rumblings – “Hey, I’m a Vince Russo Guy”

Random Rumblings

Everyone likes to say “hey, I’m a Paul Heyman guy” so I thought about who would be considered to be Vince Russo “guys.” So, here is a few guys who had their careers greatly benefited by Russo at one point or another.

Jeff Jarrett – WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWF World Tag Team Champion, WWF European Champion, WCW United States Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

I think most people can agree that Jeff Jarrett is a fine wrestler in the ring, but has never had the appeal of a main event guy. Prior to Vince Russo taking the book in WWF in the mid 1990?s, Jarrett was an accomplished midcarder who won the Intercontinental Championship in 1995. When he left to WCW had continued his success but came back in late 1997 and was pushed heavily by Russo in the main event scene. It was clear that Jarrett was one of Russo’s favorites and vice versa when Jarrett jumped to WCW shortly after Russo and Ferrera jumped ship in 1999. Jarrett had his greatest success from 2000 onward winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship four times in a three month period and consistently involved in main event programs. Of course, his NWA success has to do a lot with his ownership of the company. Nonetheless, without Russo as the booker Jarrett’s rise up the ranks would have never been accomplished.

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