Bob’s Random Rumblings – 10 Underrated Wrestlers

Random Rumblings

I originally made a list of ten wrestlers that I considered to be really underrated, but that grew to fifteen with five getting the honorable mention status. However, I’m sure there are countless others that I simply can’t put on the list. These guys quickly came to mind and thus, here we go. By the way, this isn’t in any specific order.

Jerry Lynn

Lynn recently retired from the wrestling industry but he is one guy who without never got the recognition on a national stage that he should have gotten. Yes, he had a run in ECW and in TNA. His matches with Rob Van Dam starting in mid-1998 to the end of the companies run have to go down as some of the best matches in Extreme Championship Wrestling history.

Some people may not remember his feud with AJ Styles early on in TNA, though. It’s probably one of the better angles that Vince Russo booked at the time for the company. A cocky young guy like Styles taking on a veteran who demanded respect in Jerry Lynn. The matches were great. Lynn worked great with Amazing Red and Chris Sabin in the company as well.

He had a brief run in WWE, but didn’t last long. Lynn had one last run with ROH where he even won the ROH World Championship from Nigel McGuiness. Lynn is without a doubt one guy who got better with age and didn’t lose a step.

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