Former WWE and TNA personality Jim Cornette discusses TNA, the Midnight Express, and more

Jim CornetteBleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio recently had former WWE and TNA personality JIM CORNETTE on the show and it was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s career, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Vince Russo and so much more!

Full Ring Rust Radio Episode Link:–feb-11-w-jim-cornette

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Recent Jim Cornette interview

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Jim Cornette was a guest on ‘Inside The Ropes’ on Thursday. Here are some of the highlights:

*His thoughts on the criticisms that say he’s stuck in the 80s:*
I thank my old friend Vince Russo for that one. He started that and people picked up on it so now whenever anyone disagrees with anything I’ve done or even that I haven’t done. It’s not about being stuck in the 80’s. I’m one of the guys that has pushed, looked for and utilized more young talent for the past ten years. I’ve been saying lets get the young guys out there, lets push new talent, lets make some new stars, lets expose some new faces.

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