DarkFox’s NXT review – February 19, 2014

WWE_NXTJust a quick note here before I get started. This Sunday is Elimination Chamber and we’ll be doing a special one-hour post-PPV show starting at 11pm EST at www.morelikeradio.com/live. You’re all welcome to stop by our live chatroom and interact with the hosts.

Well, here we are, the last NXT before the WWE Network goes live. Next week’s NXT is being billed as the first ever NXT PPV and called “Arrival” with some goofy capitalization gimmick that allows WWE to copyright it. I won’t state the obvious here, I promise. However, the kickoff show will have Kevin Nash, Bret Hart & Paul Heyman on as their expert panel. That should be interesting considering the outright contempt Nash has had for Hart in every shoot interview he’s ever done.

Our announce team continues to be Tensai (face), Tom Phillips (straight) and Byron Saxton (heel). This week the announcers did a much better job sticking to their gimmick. Byron is definitely better at announcing than Tensai as he seems more able to verbally joust. The production team needs to do a better job of checking audio levels though as Byron’s mic was very low.

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Classic OWW Column – Jobbers of the Eighties

sd-jones-jobberEditor’s note: This column appeared on OWW in 2006.  Its a fun look back at the enhancement talent in the 1980′s, plus there are some good follow-up comments to the article.  I hope you like it.

Classic OWW Column – Jobbers Of The Eighties
May 1, 2006 by Derek K.

Remember Gino Carabello” No” How about Brian Mackney” Still nothing” S.D. Jones” Oh… I think I heard a murmur from the back of the room. What about Steve Lombardi” A few more hands…

What do those names have in common” Well, these men are some of the jobbers who could be found at WWF events back in the glory days of the nineteen eighties. “Jobber” is professional wrestling slang for, to put it bluntly, the loser. It’s more poetic origin is in reference to the fact that a “jobber” is not so much a wrestling superstar as he is a worker (just doing his “job”).

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