WWE.com presents: “The True Story of the Curtain Call”

KliqCourtesy of WWE.com:

The footage makes you appreciate just how far technology has come since May 19, 1996. Had it happened today, a hundred iPhones would have captured the moment in high-definition from every conceivable angle. Instead, it exists as a single shaky video clip shot from a handheld camcorder somewhere in the mezzanines of Madison Square Garden.

It shows four men in a WWE ring surrounded by a blue steel cage. The quality is sketchy and the colors bleed, but the figures of Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Triple H — enemies in the ring, but 4/5ths of the backstage collective known as The Kliq (along with Sean Waltman) off-screen — are somehow unmistakable. One day later, Hall and Nash will exit WWE and head to WCW where they will start The Monday Night War as generals in The New World Order. But, tonight, they celebrate in front of an appreciative crowd as longtime friends in an act that is both a touching show of camaraderie and, in the eyes of many traditionalists, an unforgiveable insult to sports-entertainment convention.

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Goldberg, Jake Roberts, Kevin Nash, and others to appear at the D-Lux Expo on March 28-20, 2014

goldberg-meet-and-greet-dlux-entertainment-expo-we-02The Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens, Michigan will play host to the first annual D-Lux Entertainment Expo and MichiganTournaments.com State Championship open martial arts tournament March 28-30, 2014.

The event takes place from 10am-7pm Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday.

The expo will kick off Friday March 28th, with a comic book, costuming, and vendor expo, with comic book, movie, professional wrestling, martial arts, and MMA entertainers in attendance for photos, autographs, and workshops.

Scheduled to appear are: Kevin Eastman (Co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Ernie Reyes Jr. (Martial artist, actor), MMA superstars Cung Le (Strikeforce, UFC, actor), Frank Trigg (UFC, Pride FC, WFA, Elite XC, TNA), along with Bill Goldberg (WWE/WCW), Kevin Nash (WCW/WWE/Actor), Jake “The Snake” Roberts (WWF/WWE), Ernest “The Cat” Miller (WWE/WCW/Actor), Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson (WWE, TNA, Impact Wrestling), Taimak (Actor, The Last Dragon), Master Ken (Enter the Dojo), and many more.

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Recent Kevin Nash interview


Courtesy of LordsofPain.net:

WWE legend Kevin Nash was interviewed recently by Chad Dukes of 106.7 the Fan DC/CBS Radio. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Scott Hall’s recovery: “One thing Dallas [Page] gives that a lot of people just don’t have is Dallas has always been the cup half full guy. He’s a real positive human being. I just think that’s what Scott needed more than anything, to be around somebody who’s a positive influence, and to get him pointed in the right direction. Dallas was going to try and get him on the YRG, but once he got down there his hip was so bad they had to get a hip replacement and that’s really held Scott up. He got to a position where he was living clean, there were people around him 24/7 that cared about him, and it just made it easier, that transition to determine on a daily basis not to use.

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OWW FORUM RESPONSE: What if Kevin Nash never left to WCW?


Editor’s note: OWW Forum member TheKingOfHarts posted this response in the Forum topic: What If Kevin Nash Never Left to WCW?

This question was on another forum I visit often and it intrigued me a lot, so I’ve decided to go ahead and summarize my thoughts on what I believe would happen. I delve extremely deep as a touch upon many other subjects, not just Kevin Nash. So enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think on this.

This has endless possibilities, for one, there’s no nWo so you have to think about wrestling as a whole because of that, would it have been the pop culture phenomenon that it was in the late 1990s, probably not so the big boom never happens, HHH would’ve won KOTR 1996 since there was no curtain call so Hunter may have been the guy earlier than what happened without Diesel, but of course, HHH winning means Austin didn’t so Austin doesn’t get his breakout 3:16 moment but I still believe he would’ve persevered and became a name, heck he could’ve won KOTR 1997 since the WWE wouldn’t have the Game win back-to-back years, but could Mankind have gotten a KOTR victory, Vader was booted from the tournament so would he have been in the running? I’d mention Ahmed Johnson but apparently HBK hated him, according to Ahmed so take that as you will.

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The Kliq vs. The Rock ‘n Roll Express featured at ‘Night of the Superstars’ April 13, 2013


The Kliq vs. The Rock ‘n Roll Express featured in main event at Night of the Superstars.

Sat., April 13, 2013

Waynesboro High School

1200 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, VA 22980

The main event at the Night of the Superstars from Top Rope Pro Wrestling features a tag-team dream match – Kevin Nash and X-Pac, The Kliq, vs. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, The Rock ‘n Roll Express.

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Roster announced for AAA Canada: Next Generation Wrestling


Wrestling returns to the Victoria Pavilion February 22nd Calgary, AB.

Announcing the full roster of talent appearing at AAA Canada presents: Next Generation Wrestling Friday February 22nd at the Victoria Pavilion on the Stampede Grounds – 1410 Olympic Way SE. Tickets on sale now at TicketmasteFans will pack the Pavilion on February 22nd to witness international talents collide! The event will feature 28 talents from throughout the world determined to prove themselves in one of the most famous venues in wrestling history.

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Buff Bagwell: ’100 percent,’ and ready for ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash


Don’t get him wrong. Buff Bagwell was thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of the nWo.

But for Bagwell, there’s that nagging question about what he was able to contribute to the megagroup that dominated WCW in the Monday Night Wars era.

Bagwell likens it to being the second-string quarterback on a football team that gets the call when the starting QB goes down to injury. “The Stuff” never got the chance to main-event in WCW, but he will get his shot at one of the nWo first-teamers, Kevin Nash, in the main event at Night of the Legends II: Unfinished Business, on Saturday, April 13, at Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro, Va.

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