“The Greg DeMarco Show” talks about Raw, Leva Bates, “Odds Makers” and more!

“The Greg DeMarco Show” with Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, aired Monday night at 11:00 PM eastern and will stream all weekend at VOCNation.com.

This week:

We made the big move to Mondays! Greg & Patrick were joined by The 411 on Wrestling Podcast’s Andy Critchell to review RAW, kicked it old school with Justin Freemyer, and Chad Perry hosts another outstanding installment of “Odds Makers!”

Star of Shine and Shimmer, Leva Bates, joined the show to talk about her training with the 3D Academy, the inspiration and evolution of her gimmick, the tag team title challenge laid out for October’s Shimmer tapings, her latest appearance for Shine Wrestling and much more! Outside the world of wrestling, Leva talks about her character and dancer at Universal Studios in Orlando, and shares her love for comics, TV, books and movies with cohost Patrick O’Dowd! Check out Leva Bates like you’ve never heard her before!

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