DVD REVIEW: “WWE’s Madison Square Garden DVD ignores Bruno, still a good set” by Matt Mackinder

MSGEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on http://slam.canoe.ca and was written by Matt Mackinder.

Maybe one day, the current WWE will be referred to as the “good ol’ days.”

For now, I tend to see anything pre-2002 as the “good ol’ days.” I guess I’m stuck in the past when it comes to the WWE and what is enjoyable and what isn’t.

That said, when the WWE released The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden three-disc set recently, I had to get it and because WWE DVDs are generally hit or miss with fans, I hoped this one would be a hit.

And it was.

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NY Times reports that Madison Square Garden is moving after their 10 year lease expires

MadisonSquareGardenThe New York Times reports that the current building housing the world famous Madison Square Garden arena will cease to exist in 10 years.

New York City Council voted on Wednesday (47-1) to extend the Garden’s special operating permit for only 10 more years before the venue shuts down to make way for the extensive renovations to Penn Station (and the surrounding neighborhood), which is housed below the arena.

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