Diva-Dirt.com presents: Maria Kanellis: “This is Me”

mariadivadirt1Editor’s note: This column orginally appeared on Diva-Dirt.com and is the initial installment of Maria Kanellis‘s new online blog.

What’s up all you Stars and Studs!!

First off, I would like to say thank you to Diva Dirt for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing website. I have loved the website since the day it opened and it has on many occasions introduced me to new women wrestlers from around the world. Yes, I am a women’s wrestling fan. I have been for a long time and yes, I take a huge interest in the women’s wrestling shows even though I am not the best women’s wrestler. That title goes to Victoria, Mickie, Sara Del Rey, MsChif, Kong, or Cheerleader Melissa active currently. And yes, that is my opinion. Secondly, there are so many things I could talk about… The Bellas, Ring of Honor, Pay the Fan, my relationship with Michael Bennett, my “big projects”, Total Divas, wrestling bullies, Raw, SmackDown, TNA, or just my thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling. We will have plenty of time for all of it but first I want to give you my story.

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Diva-Dirt.com presents: Maria Kanellis – “Wrestling is Real Life”

mariadd2Diva Dirt is pleased to have former WWE Diva and the First Lady of Ring of Honor as our weekly columnist. Stay tuned each week for new blogs from Maria.

What’s up all you Stars and Studs!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has welcomed me into the Diva Dirt family. I have felt very blessed this past year for all the new family I am adopting. I am recently engaged to Ring of Honor wrestler, Mike Bennett and his family is amazing. I have spent a lot of time at the Bennett household and I always feel very welcome. Mike’s brother just had twin girls with his girlfriend so that is two more members to my ever growing family. I am part of fantasywomenbattles.com which is a competition to find the greatest female warrior in the world. The incredibly unique women that are a part of FWB have become a new sort of family while embarking on this journey, to learn to sword fight. I am an actress for Woodhaven Productions and I have completed two films with them this year. It was my first two completed films and it was an incredible experience. I made many friends while on set and I am proud of the work we did together. I signed a year contract with Ring of Honor and have found a brotherhood of wonderful inspiring people. And there are so many other business friendships and relationships I have made this year that are having a positive impact on my life. Of course, they all are different types of relationships but is one anymore important than another? I don’t know. I flourish in my personal life so much more when my career is going well so in some ways I think that my business relationships are just as important to keep my life balanced.

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