Recent Marty Jannetty interview with SLAM! Wrestling

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SLAM! Wrestling has published a review of Kayfabe Commentaries‘ latest release, Breaking Kayfabe with Marty Jannetty, which features the former WWE Superstar discussing his career and personal life in great detail. The shoot interview, however, is difficult to follow, according to Matthew Byer, who labels it “wildly incoherent.”

“Despite the efforts of KC’s interviewer Sean Oliver to try and rein in Jannetty, he largely fails, and so what is left are stories that veer off wildly into unrelated or trivial tangents that make for a frustrating viewing experience,” states Byer.

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GUEST COLUMN: ‘Why Marty Jannetty became the “Jannetty” of The Rockers’ by Ryan Frye

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Author: Ryan Frye

In 1901 in San Francisco, California, tag team wrestling was introduced for the first time. The hope was that this new concept would improve the quality of sports entertainment, and that it did. Since that time, it has become one of the primary staples of the business. There’s no telling where professional wrestling would be today without tag team wrestling.

However, at some point, almost all tag teams break-up in order for the two wrestlers to branch off into singles competition. Often times, one of the members will go onto have a successful singles career, while the other fades away into obscurity; solidifying them as the weak link of their former team.

Today begins a series where I will take a look at the weak links of some of the greatest tag teams of all-time, and why they didn’t have the same success as their partner did. First up is the weak link of The Rockers, or the “Jannetty” of The Rockers; Marty Jannetty.

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