MCW March 22, 2014 results with Jake Roberts, Kelly Kelly, Coly Cabana and Gangrel

Wide Shot MCWMCW March 22, 2014 results with Jake Roberts, Kelly Kelly, Coly Cabana and Gangrel!

Maryland Championship Wrestling
Tag Wars 2K14
Joppa Market Place
Saturday March 22, 2014

Over 1,200 People jam packed the building to a near turn away crowd. 1,000 Chairs were filled and several hundred were left Standing Room Only.

Drolix defeated Shane Strickland by tap out submission

Nui Tofiga & Renee Michelle defeated Cobian and Jesse Kaye in a Mixed tag Team Match after a Somoan drop on Cobian

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Jake Roberts cancer surgery, Meet X-Pac, Matt Hardy coming to MD, and more news from Maryland Championship Wrestling

MCWJake Roberts cancer surgery, Meet X-Pac, Matt Hardy coming to MD, and more news from Maryland Championship Wrestling


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read the MCW online newsletter. We have been busy adding to our 2014 schedule. Please see the bottom right of this newsletter for an updated 2014 schedule.

Many emails and calls are coming in wondering if Jake”The Snake” Roberts will still be appearing on March 22nd Tag Wars 2K14 after the recent announcement that he had to have emergency surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his leg.

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MCW Tag Wars 2K14 on March 22, 2014 features Jake Roberts, Kelly Kelly, and Colt Cabana

MCW 2Tag Team Wrestling Takes Center Stage as Maryland Championship Wrestling presents Tag Wars 2K14 featuring Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, Colt Cabana and all of the stars of MCW.

Baltimore, MD February 13, 2014- Just 2 weeks before he takes his rightful place in history Jake “The Snake” Roberts is coming to Harford County Maryland to compete in the ring for Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW). Jake Roberts will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame on Saturday April 5, 2014 in New Orleans Louisiana but before he makes his way to The Big Easy he will make a stop in Joppatowne, MD for MCW’s Tag Wars 2K14 on Saturday March 22, 2014.

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Experience the history of Maryland Championship Wrestling

MCWExperience the history of Maryland Championship Wrestling

The last couple of months we have put alot of focus on uploading many matches to our official You Tube Page.
Matches featuring stars such as Kevin Nash, Al Snow, The Dudley Boyz (Team 3D), Carlito, Mickie James, AJ Styles, Chrsitopher Daniels, Diamond Dallas Page and many others.
Make sure to stop by and visit our page and subscribe to the page so that you get notifications on all of the recent uploads.

MCW’s Official YouTube Page presents: Famed pro wrestlers Scott Hall, Rikishi teaching sons the art of professional wrestling

Scott and Cody HallCourtesy of author Ron Snyder of

As a professional wrestler, Scott Hall had a career that was unparalleled compared to most.

In the 1990s, Hall performed in front of sold out crowds across the world, helped usher in record TV ratings wrestling has yet to duplicate and made millions of dollars in the process.

But, it will be in front of a few hundred fans later this month in Joppa that will represent a moment Hall will be as excited about as being in the main event at WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden. On Nov. 23 at Joppa Market Place, Hall will be in the corner of his son, Cody, as he wrestles in part of the main event of the latest card being promoted by Maryland Championship Wrestling.

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NEWS ARTICLE: Local professional wrestlers sacrifice body in pursuit of dream

WrestlerCourtesy of

Jessika Heiser is like many students at Towson University.

She hates getting up for 8 a.m. classes, is studying hard to pursue her degree in electronic media and works a part-time job when she’s not in school. But, unlike her most of her counterparts, Heiser is not working at a restaurant or at a store in the mall.

Heiser is a professional wrestler. The 22-year-old is less than three years into pursuing her dream of performing in front on thousands of fans who paid money to watch her put her body on the line on a nightly basis.

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Christian York headlines the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup’13 this weekend!

ShamrockUndoubtedly the most popular men in our company today is the Charismatic Duo of Fed-Up.  C-Fed and G-Fed.  C-Fed was given a chance, a Do or Die last chance to tread new waters as a Singles Wrestler, defeating Cobian to earn a right to face Christian York at the Shamrock Cup this year. Will C-Fed do what most thought impossible, will he dethrone the current Heavyweight Champion Christian York?  Find out at the Shamrock Cup, August 10th, 2013!

A lot of other stars are in action as well, such as Jessie Kaye, Drolix, Cobian, Adam Cole, Veda Scott, Papadon, and more!

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