“10 Questions” with ECWA Legend Mr. Ooh La La

mr_ohhlalaThis month marks the first ever edition of “10 Questions with…”! The goal of the article is to let you, the ECWA fans, learn more about your favorite ECWA stars. We ask 10 questions about their professional wrestling career and there’ll be a little spice added in to make it even more interesting. So who did we choose first?

Former 3x ECWA Mid Atlantic champion

ECWA Hall of Famer

The ONLY ECWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The French Icon Meisure Ooh La La!

Question 1: Who or want inspired you to become a pro wrestler? *As submitted by ECWA fan Mary Hiday

Ooh La La: Who or what?….. It was ze mid 80’s when I was at ze Philadelphia Spectrum. And Swede Hanson after having his head thrown into the turnbuckle several times by S.D. Jones, it didn’t seem to faze him. Being the brave 13-14 year old, I shouted “No brain, no pain.” Next thing you know he turns, he looks. I thought he was staring right at me. I got scared. I thought he was gonna come out of ze ring and rip me from limb to limb because he started pointing. And that was ze exact moment I was hooked… I spoke and shouted and my voice was heard. I remember that like it was yesterday.

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