Recent Nigel McGuinness interview

NigelMcGuinnessDavid Dexter reports that Nigel McGuinness recently spoke about his documentary, Jay Briscoe’s title victory and more. Here are the highlights…

Was there any doubt, in his mind, that Jay Briscoe would beat Kevin Steen at Supercard of Honor VII:  “I think going in, I was a little, yeah. You’ve got to understand, Jay’s a guy who has had every accolade there is as a tag team wrestler but, and I’m sure he’ll be the first to admit, hasn’t really achieved that level of success as a singles wrestler. I remember the first time I won the belt, the World Championship; it was actually Jay who was the first guy I fought for the belt. At the time, Jay was not fodder, I mean he was the first guy in line a lot of times for champions when they first won the belt, so I think a lot of guys felt we didn’t give him much of a hope. So, you know, there was some doubt in my mind but I told Jim beforehand and we had a few “I’s” to dot and “T’s” to cross before we got the match set up and in our discussions it was all glorious. So yeah, there was a little bit of doubt and then when the match started, I got that feeling, you know, that this was going to be something special and it certainly turned out to be.”

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Recent Nigel McGuinness interview writer Michael Bluth reports that former ROH World Champion, TNA star and current ROH “Matchmaker” Nigel McGuinness joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio recently. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he talked about the creation of his documentary “The Last of McGuinness”, using Eddie Edwards as a cameraman for the project, his thoughts on some calling him a ‘modern day ROH legend’, does he hope wrestling will return more towards wrestling and away from gimmicks and storylines, his views on blood in wrestling today, how to move forward training people perhaps against blood loss and unprotected chair shots in wrestling, the testing standards in some of the major wrestling federations, being named ‘Matchmaker’ of ROH, his experiences with improve comedy and more.

You can listen to the full interview here:

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