Tencozy takes the NWA tag team titles from Irongodz in Japan

Japan tagTencozy takes the NWA tag team titles from Irongodz in Japan on Sunday, April 6, 2014!

One year after the NWA landed in Japan at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Invasion Attack 2013,” at which then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway successfully defended the title against Satoshi Kojima, and thus began a battle for dominance between the two storied promotions, New Japan seems to have the upper hand.

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The NWA welcomes Bayou Independent Wrestling

NWAThe National Wrestling Alliance has announced the addition of Bayou Independent Wrestling and its promoter Josh Newell.

“We are pleased to add a quality promoter like Josh Newell to the National Wrestling Alliance,” said NWA CEO Chris Ronquillo. “NWA-BIW is a quality promotion and a great fit that rounds out our Louisiana coverage.”

Bayou Independent Wrestling, established in 2007, will hold its first event as a licensed NWA promotion on May 24 at the West Monroe Convention Center. NWA-BIW Southern Champion Steve Anthony will defend his title against former NWA National Heavyweight Champion Vordell Walker in an “I Quit” match.

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Phil “Nitro” Monahan defeated Lou Marconi to become a three-time NWA National Heavyweight Champion

Phil Nitro MonahanAt NWA World Wide Wrestling’s “Come Out and Play” event in Carolina Beach, NC on April 5, 2014, Phil “Nitro” Monahan defeated Lou Marconi to become a three-time NWA National Heavyweight Champion.

Marconi had defeated Monahan for the title on March 23 in Toledo, OH after Monahan ended Marconi’s first reign the day prior in Hillsdale, MI. Monahan won his first National title on September 14, 2013 from Damien Wayne in Toledo.

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NWA champion Kojima to debut stateside May 31, 2014

kojima (2)NWA World Heavyweight Champion and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Satoshi Kojima will make his first appearance in the United States when he will appear at an NWA Houston event on Saturday, May 31 as well as at another NWA event in Texas, the details of which will be released soon.

Kojima, who defeated Rob Conway for the championship at Wrestle Kingdom 8 at the Tokyo Dome on January 4, will then accompany the National Wrestling Alliance to the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas on June 2-4.

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Lou Marconi defeated, then regains the NWA National Heavyweight Championship

Marconi 2In less than 24 hours, Lou Marconi was defeated by Phil “Nitro” Monahan for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at an NWA Championship International Wrestling event in Hillsdale, Michigan on Friday March 21st, only to regain the title from Monahan at an NWA-CIW event in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday March 22nd!

Their respective title reigns were the second for both men.

Marconi and Monahan will face each other again at an NWA World Wide Wrestling event on April 5 in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

The National Wrestling Alliance has named James Beard to the position of Director of Talent Relations

NWA FloridaThe National Wrestling Alliance has named James Beard to the position of Director of Talent Relations. Beard, a 2013 Texas Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee, is a 30-year veteran in professional wrestling both in the United States and abroad, both in the ring as a referee and behind the scenes as a television writer, creative consultant, booker, talent agent and promoter.

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Press Release: Lou Marconi wins the NWA national heavyweight title

Marconi National titleWillamston, North Carolina – Lou Marconi has defeated Phil “Nitro” Monahan for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at an NWA Rage event on Saturday.

The rivalry between Marconi and Monahan began in December when Monahan interfered in then-NWA Eastern States Champion Marconi’s defense against the Human Predator, costing Marconi the title. Marconi regained the title in January, but in February during Marconi’s defense against Gideon Malice, Monahan struck again to cost Marconi the Eastern States title for a second time in three months.

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Ronnie Garvin says Dusty Rhodes put Crockett out of business

Ron GarvinFormer NWA World Champion, Ronnie Garvin recently sat down with Steve and the Scum on WGD Weekly for a great hour plus long interview. Garvin spoke about his entire run in the wrestling business from his initial start in the business and his rise to the top of the NWA, right up through his final run in the WWF can be heard in its entirety here:

Highlights from Ronnie’s interview with WGD Weekly included him chatting with Steve and the Scum on a variety of topics including:

Politics playing into his NWA Title run, and Dusty Rhodes “putting Crockett out of business”: “…It was strictly politics. Dusty Rhodes was the booker and he was against it. You know, what are you going to do. He didn’t book me anywhere during the whole time I had the belt until the rematch because Dusty Rhodes was a very, very jealous guy when it came to guys getting over. He was the wrong guy to be a booker. He is the one who put Jim Crockett out of business. He is the reason Jim Crockett had to sell and was losing his butt…It was the same thing with the Rock and Roll Express. He couldn’t stand the Rock and Roll Express getting over like rock stars. I mean, girls would go crazy. They had to have some protection for the Rock and Roll Express, the girls would attack them, just like rock stars, it was unbelievable. So, Dusty Rhodes had to book himself with them as a six man tag team. But, the whole thing was politics, I didn’t care…I made money and then when the return, the belt went to Flair, and I was gone a short time after that. I didn’t put up with that kind of stuff. Continue reading

OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – February 4, 2014

TWIWOWW’s This Week In Wrestling – February 4, 2014

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling

January 24, 2014

The Illuminti def. LT and tnt motley

Lords of Kaos def. Jocephus & Abriella by countout

Team IOU def. Mayhem by DQ

Charles Alexander and Jason Kincaid def. Tim Jernigan and Gregory McDaniels

Chase Owens def. Jocephus Brody for The Southern title

Charles Alexander def. Shane Smalls

Lords of Kaos def. Jason Kincaid & Charles Alexander for the NWA US tag team titles

GOUGE presents the Redneck Rumble

January 25, 2014  

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr won the Redneck Rumble last eliminating Otto Schwanz

Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar beat Ryan “The Killer” Miller

Jennifer Blaze beat Mia the Valkyrie Warrior

GOUGE Tag Champs The Krazy Killer Klowns beat Ulrich von Vorse & Pat Powers via DQ

Seymour Snott beat The Masked Magician

El Chaco & Nilo beat Alas De Angel & Dragoon Quetzal

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr beat Mickey Gambino w/Admir Al Akbar to win the GOUGE heavyweight title

NWA Ark-La-Tex

January 25, 2014  

Ashton Jacobs beat Jamie Holley

Clayton Brooks beat 300-Pound Manimal

Nobe Bryant beat Jimmy Youngblood

Ark-La-Tex Champion Scott Putski beat Lance Hoyt

North American Champion Tokyo Monster Kahagas beat Killer McKenzie.

Ring Wars Carolina

January 25, 2014  

Krazyhorse pinned Lestat

Kris Nemesis def. PoPo Da Klown

Eddie Brown pinned Anime Kid

Syde Effect pinned Urlich Von Vorse

Pat Powers Pinned “The Security Specialists” Chance LeBowe & Handsome Hector

Matthew McKoy won a 10 man Battle Royal

ECWA New Years Resolutions III

January 25, 2014  

Ahtu defeats Oz Tyler via a choke slam

Team CK(Sean Carr & Kage) defeat Meisure Ooh La La & Kid USA

Breaker Morant defeats Bolo Yung via DQ

Chris Wylde defeats Azrieal via the Code Red to retain his Mid Atlantic Championship

Jessie Kaye defeats Renee Michelle via the Flatliner to retain the Women‘s Championship with Special Guest Ref Keri

Bobby Shields defeats Matt Saigon in a Ladder match to win the Golden Opportunity Series Contract

Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian defeats Ricky Martinez to retain the ECWA Heavyweight Championship via the Hawaiian Fly

Ring Wars Carolina

February 1, 2014

Anime Kid pinned Kris Nemesis

New RWC No Limitz Champion Diego Vasquez def. Syde Effect

Raphael King & Victor Andrews

Mia Svensson pinned Devyn Nicole

Team Collegiate def. J$ & Steel

RWC World Heavyweight Champion Hangtyme def. James Anthony

HPW Wrestling – “February Fallout”

February 1, 2014

Columbus, IN

TJ Powers pinned Fast Eddie

Sever pinned Fiji Wildman

Donny Idol pinned TJ Kemp in a Columbus Street Fight

Brawl that was fought all through the building!

Cooter pinned The Wicked Clown

8 Bit Punks beat Dash Venture and Vinny Balazano

JD Marioni won a 3 Way Dance over Bobby Black and Nick Cutler

Main Event:  Casket Match

Zombie Rob Ramer beat HPW Champ JKO by Dq when TJ Kemp came out

of the Casket when Zombie open it to put JKO in. Kemp and JKO destroyed

Zombie till Donny Idol and Commissioner Ricky Ruckus made the save. Then Zombie , Idol and Ruckus

threw both Kemp and JKO in the casket to end the show!

NAWA Big Time Pro Wrestling

February 1, 2014

Bulldozer beat Randy Wayne

Tim Storm beat Widowmaker

Doberman & Big John Famous beat tag champs Joe Angelo Garcia & Cowboy Adam to win the belts

Big Zach Attack beat NAWA Champion Nobe Bryant by count out; Bryant retains the belt.

Next show is the NAWA 8th Anniversary show on Saturday, March 1 at the NAWA Arena in Waxahachie, Texas, featuring a rematch between Bryant and Zach for the title with no count-out and no DQ, a rematch for the tag belts, and a Battle Royal.

Brew City Wrestling returns to the Knights of Columbus

1800 S. 92 St in West Allis, WI on Friday, February 14th with RISE TO HONOR X-AFTERMATH.

Bell time is 7:30pm

Pre-order your tickets in advance on the BCW website, www.brewcitywrestling1.com for $10 using Pay Pal.