GUEST COLUMN: “The Values Shared Between Wrestlers and Musicians” by Shocky Muraco


Note from the author: So I’ve started writing my own blogs. My entries are based on my understanding of wrestling as a professional working musician. For those who don’t know about my real life, I earned a degree in music 10 years ago, since then I’ve run my own piano tutoring school, worked at 2 private music schools in the last 10 years, I’ve played for a number of well known bands (in New Zealand) and through those opportunities I’ve had the privilege of playing in some of the biggest and significant music festivals in the southern hemisphere. I’ve also played in a number of different Praise & Worship bands at different churches as part of my experience. At the moment I’m a member of my church worship band, and have been for the last 4 years, and I’ve recently joined a band where the line up consists of members from other well known bands. Our aim is to gig as much as we can, write as much as we can and get away from a certain genre that we’ve all been exclusive to for the last couple of years. So here’s my entry “The Values Shared Between Wrestlers and Musicians”.


“Watching some Hulk Hogan matches before bed. Selling makes matches. Hogan was good at selling. I hate when I see guys on the indies think they’re “too big” to sell. Andre the Giant sold for people… Stop being marks!”
Jason Gotti

My Facebook friend Jason Gotti – an 11 year wrestling vet, posted the interesting status on his wall after observing some of Hulk Hogan’s matches and seeing how well Hogan sold (acting hurt) during his battles.

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