PRIME Wrestlelution 6 iPPV results – London vs. Gargano, Rhino, new champions, and more!


PRIME Wrestlelution 6, the biggest event in our calendar year, quite simply meant everything this year. Six years to the day after our first event, it was a battle for PRIME’s most important components, the PRIME Foundation, the men who built this great organization, to reclaim what was taken from them due to greed, evil and corruption.

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PRIME Wrestling presents “Wrestlelution 6: Art of War” this Sunday afternoon October 20, 2013

Prime Wrestling (OH)Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano This Sunday on iPPV plus Rhino, Jimmy Jacobs, Zach Gowen, Matt Cross, Jimmy Korderas and more!

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PRIME Wrestling presents an annual tradition, its biggest show of the year! It’s Wrestlelution 6: Art of War, Sunday afternoon, October 20 at 3pm EST from the Ohio Nets Sports Complex, 12665 Corporate Drive in Parma, OH. Tickets are on sale NOW in our “Store” and also in our Wrestlelution 6 Mini-Site (click the Wrestlelution 6 banner in the top right of the screen to access it) and can be reserved NOW for as little as $15. Do not miss the three biggest hours of in-ring action in PRIME Wrestling all year! Don’t miss a chance to be part of a live pay-per-view in person! But if you can’t be there live, click on iPPV, follow the instructions and watch from home for only $14.99!

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PRIME TV #179: The Megalomaniacs – Here’s How We Took Over

Prime Wrestling (OH)

PRIME TV #179: The Megalomaniacs – Here’s How We Took Over
Airdate: 4/14/13

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Vic’s Entire Diabolical Plan Explained
At “Pressure Rising”, Vic & his Megalomaniacs were successful in ousting Justin LaBar from power as PRIME Commissioner, with Vic taking his place, assuring that between he & Upper Management’s Aaron Maguire, his faction would have more influence and power than ever before by far. But did you know that this plan between Maguire, Vic & Fontaine was actually hatched at the end of 2011?? 14 months of meticulous plotting went down all before our eyes, but the group was so conniving that nobody saw it coming until it was too late. How did Vic do it? Our new Commish has commandeered the PRIME cameras and will brag to the world on how he successfully re-shaped PRIME Wrestling’s future. Want to see how it all unfolded? Check out PRIME TV this Sunday night!

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PRIME TV #177: Recap of “Pressure Rising” Part 1

Prime Wrestling (OH)

PRIME TV #177: Recap of “Pressure Rising” Part 1

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Airdate: March 3, 2013

Join PRIME Wrestling’s Kory for a special look back at the event that changed the direction of PRIME Wrestling, as we review all the news that came out of “Pressure Rising: Megalomania” on iPPV. How did the 6-man tag for control of the PRIME Commissioner job position end with three PRIME originals united to battle a group of Megalomaniacs? Who came out on top in the three-way dance of former Sex Appeal members and did we finally find out whose side Nicki Valentino was on? Plus, highlights from women’s action featuring Marti Belle vs. Jessie Kaye and we’ll revisit “Amazing” N8 Mattson one-on-one with “The World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” Bryan Castle!

If you haven’t caught the full “Pressure Rising” broadcast yet, click on “iPPV” in our menu to watch now or ANYTIME you like on demand. Order once at $14.99 and it’s yours forever! Or you can pre-order the DVD now by clicking on “Store”! Whatever you do, make sure you watch this event in its entirety as it was meant to be seen!

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PRIME TV #175: Bobby Shields vs. Bobby Beverly

Prime Wrestling (OH)

Now Online: PRIME TV #175: Bobby Shields vs. Bobby Beverly

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Original Airdate: February 3rd, 2013

Wrestlelution Rematch: “True Talent” BOBBY SHIELDS vs. “The Bev” BOBBY BEVERLY
A rematch six months in the making! Last summer at Wrestlelution 5, Beverly defeated Shields in a Hair vs. Hair Match, changing Shields’ demeanor for the worse in a major way. Shields has been going through tons of mental and emotional unrest that he hopes to erase with a victory over Beverly here. Last week, Beverly added fuel to the fire when he stole a steel chain that Shields had planned to use to help win the TV Title. However, we are still unsure as to the role Nicki Valentino played in that scenario. It was Valentino’s chain, but did he plan to give it to Shields, or was he in cahoots with Beverly all along? Will we get any answers this week before the Shields, Beverly, & Valentino three-way war on February 16 at the “Pressure Rising” iPPV?

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