ROH Ringside – Issue #16

ROH RingsideROH Ringside – Issue #16

It’s time once again for the greatest columnist in history…no wait, it’s just me. ROH Ringside is back for 2014.

Storylines. Few fans understand them, lots of fans hate them, and most fans want them. I don’t know what the hell I just said, but one of the things I read about on the Internet, is that the reason Ring of Honor, will not reach T.N.A. or W.W.E.’s level, is because it is too wrestling orientated and does not have many storylines.

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Ring of Honor star Homicide recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show

homicide 2Former TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion and current Ring of Honor star Homicide recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show and talked about what he would do to turn TNA Wrestling around:

When asked who should buy TNA:  “Terry Funk, he’s that knowledge of the business, he’s been around the world, he knows everybody…Terry Funk pulls out art every time he wrestles.”

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ROH Ringside – Issue #14

ROH RingsideWhat is it about pro wrestling? We watch it, we love it, we follow and we sometimes get really into it. It’s something like no other form of entertainment. The winners are predetermined, the rivals are best friends behind the scenes and people get made fun of for watching it. Yet there’s that certain mystique or something that attracts fans to it. It’s a sum of many factors.

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Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff recently joined The Greg DeMarco Show

Greg DThe Greg DeMarco Show
Hosts: Greg DeMarco, Patrick O’Dowd and Heather Lynn
Airing live and on delay at

Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff joined The Greg DeMarco Show to discuss the promotion’s free iPPV stream of Death Before Dishonor through GFL.

Ring of Honor’s iPPV history and their prior decision to discontinue with that medium:
“The Internet Pay Per Views have very much been a part of presenting our product to a wider audience. We began our relationship with Go Fight Live…they’re a tremendous vendor and I’m not even sure that it’s entirely then or us. You’re dealing with a technology that’s very difficult…it’s an inexact science. … it’s an expectation of the fans that they get a complete program without incident. … It became a situation where I decided that I’d rather present a clean program even if it was a little delayed or on demand, then go through this where the fan is not enjoying the experience with Ring of Honor.”

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Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards stand out at WWE tryout camp

eddie edwards


WWE‘s latest tryout camp started up this week on Wednesday at the new Performance Center in Orlando. Two sessions were held on Wednesday and a  long session was held on Thursday. Bill DeMott ran the camp with judges that included Joey Mercury, Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor, Gerald Brisco  and William Regal. 30 wrestlers were brought in for the camp in total.  Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards were described as “standing out of  everyone” based on early reports from the camp. Edwards and Richards are  no longer under official contracts with Ring of Honor.

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Bob’s Random Rumblings – Yearly Review: Ring Of Honor 2002

Random Rumblings

A look back at the first year of Ring of Honor.

ROH World Championship Scene:

The June 22nd show was dedicated to crowning the first ROH Heavyweight Champion. The tournament involved sixteen men. Spanky, Douglas Williams, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels won their respective semi-final matches which would lead to a 60-minute Ironman match at the July 27th show.

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ROH Ringside – Issue #11

ROH Ringside

When I first got into Ring of Honor, I expected it to be all great wrestling matches. Each one better than the last, with almost all four star matches. However the first years of R.O.H. were far from that. Now, at the end of 2004, it’s a rarity that there’s a bad match on the card, but back in 2002, during the first year of existence, it was a rarity to see a good match besides the main event. This was partly due to the talent that was brought in for the mid-card, which was not even close to being good, and that R.O.H. seemed to have a clear idea of who they wanted to push from the start. They had set their main-eventers from the start, with a surprise entrant, although very temporary.

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Big ROH autograph signing set for San Antonio this Saturday June 1, 2013

ROH Logo 2

This Saturday night June 1, 2013, Ring of Honor heads to San Antonio, TX for a huge live event featuring Davey Richards challenging Jay Briscoe for the World Title, Eddie Edwards stepping into The Proving Ground with Matt Taven, ACH returning to his home state to challenge one of his idols in Jay Lethal, and the ROH/S.C.U.M war continues with Elgin & Whitmer taking on whomever Corino throws at them!

Now ROH officials have added on a special autograph signing taking place prior to the start of the event that is not only your opportunity to meet some of the stars of ROH but a chance to support Oklahoma disaster relief with the Red Cross!

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Recent interview with ROH wrestler Mike Bennett writer Daniel Pena reports that Ring of Honor wrestler Mike Bennett appeared on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio with Alan Wojcik (interview available at Highlights from the interview are as follows:

If banding together independents would help them as a whole and the state of independents as a whole today: “I think that’s would be a great idea and that would be wonderful. I think that’s the biggest problem with independent wrestling right now; with the exception of recently, that’s why the WWE didn’t look at independent wrestlers and independent promotions, because for every really good promotion, there was 10 or 20 really crappy promotions and I think it stems down to the ego of a lot of guys. They don’t know how to just shut up and know their role; if so-and-so gets mad at a promoter, and they go ‘Well, I’ll show you.”

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