WWE.com presents: Immortal animation – The true story behind ‘Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling’

Hogan cartoonCourtesy of WWE.com:

It was the days of The California Raisins, Teddy Ruxpin and New Coke. In 1985, Hulkamania was running wild in WWE, WrestleMania had been a smash success and Cyndi Lauper’s involvement in the so-called “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” had brought sports-entertainment into the mainstream of the MTV generation. WWE was everywhere, including CBS, where Hulk Hogan and the gang were the stars of their own Saturday morning cartoon show.

Across two seasons and 26 episodes, “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling” helped establish WWE as an indelible piece of 1980s pop culture.Week in and week out, The Hulkster — along with future WWE Hall of Famers like Andre the Giant, The Iron Sheik and “Mean” Gene Okerlund — found himself caught up in the type of wacky capers usually seen on cartoons like “Care Bears” and “The Real Ghostbusters.” And it was awesome.

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