Drake Younger presents an in-ring seminar April 26, 2014 at Santino Bros Wrestling

Drake Younger classSantino Bros Wrestling Academy will host a guest in ring training seminar with Drake Younger Saturday April 26th, 2014.  Drake Younger is the KING of Positive Mental Attitude and has taken the West Coast Wrestling scene by storm in such a short time.  Incredible match is a understatement to describe what Drake does inbetween the ropes.  The Passion that Drake brings not only to the ring but to the locker room is life changing. I consider him a motivational speaker and his #PMA is contagious and will leave you ready to conquer the wrestling world.

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Pictures and video of the Rocky Romero Seminar at Santino Bros Wrestling – March 13, 2014

Rocky-Romero-at-Santino-BroPictures and video of the Rocky Romero Seminar at Santino Bros Wrestling – March 13, 2014!

It was a great night of training yesterday with Rocky Romero here at Santino Bros Wrestling.  Rocky is a class act and we look forward to working with him again.
“It was truly a special night of wrestling. I hope you were all able to walkout of this seminar with more tools in your belt. And are inspired to create and challenge yourself to go beyond your limits. You all are gifted in your own special ways. Go make your dreams into reality! Work Hard, and Take Care of yourself and your body!! Go get’em!”  -Rocky Romero
Highlights from the Seminar:

Pro wrestling beginners course starts Monday May 13, 2013!


The Santino Bros. Wrestling Beginners Course is less than a week away, and there are only 4 spots left!

Class starts Monday May 13 at 7:30pm. Designed for Beginners we will prepare and give you all the tools necessary to wrestle a match with confidence in 60 2 hour sessions. From basic rolls & grappling to ring psychology & Character development, and of course suplexes slams, headlocks, fugiwara armbars and more! If you are interested sign up now. Spots limited! Prepare for an exciting career as a professional wrestler and step into any ring anywhere and have full confidence to face any opponent!

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The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is starting classes in January

The time is coming to say goodbye to 2012 and start planning for 2013.  With that in mind, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, located in Los Angeles, CA, is proud to announce its next beginner’s course coming Jan 2013.  This is a new program for SBWA as we are embarking on a 5 day a week boot camp style course.  We will get you ready in this regimental, push yourself to the limit style of training. Be ring ready in as little as 12 weeks.  This course is for the person – male or female – that is passionate, serious minded and driven to live their dream of being a professional wrestler.

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