WWE.com presents: “20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed”

WCW randomCourtesy of WWE.com:

The refined gentlemen in the WWEClassics.com office have been rewatching old WCW shows as a profession for years and we’ve stumbled upon more than a few dopey moments we can’t believe we missed the first time around. Everyone remembers when David Arquette won the WCW Title, but what about the night Scott Steiner set attack dogs on Sting? Or that time Hulk Hogan got into an endlessly quotable confrontation with The Wall, who just happened to be standing on the top of a hotel a mile away from The Hulkster?

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“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner wins Dutch wrestling gold


Last Sunday – June 2nd – former WCW World Heavyweight Champion “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner defeated defending Champion Santos to win the Dutch Heavyweight Championship in front of a sold out crowd during the 2013 edition of Dutch Pro Wrestling’s Grand Slam event. 757 Fans from Holland and neighboring countries like Belgium, Germany and France gathered at the DPW Arena in Poeldijk, near The Hague, to watch history being made as Scott Steiner became the sixth Dutch Heavyweight Champion in the history of Dutch Pro Wrestling.

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TNA files a lawsuit against Scott Steiner

David Dexter reports that TNA filed a lawsuit against Scott Steiner citing breach of contract following his Twitter outbursts ripping on the promotion, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and others. Steiner filed a counter-suit, alleging that it was TNA that had breached their contract, citing their failure to provide accounting on royalties owed as well as non-payment of royalties.

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