Recent Sean Mooney interview

Sean MooneyFormer WWF announcer Sean Mooney recently spoke with Inside The Ropes. Here are highlights from the interview:

Entering the WWF with no wrestling background: “New Haven, Connecticut was my first live event and I remember walking backstage and Mr Fuji and Ax and Smash, Demolition, were playing cribbage in full costume at this table. I’m looking at this thinking, ‘What have I stepped into?’ But there were some people there who thought you’re either in or you’re an outsider. I’m telling you, that first year was really tough because they would have a different language, you know you’d walk in, the guys would be talking and suddenly they’re speaking carny you know and it took me a year of just taking it and they put it to me. I’ll tell you, and this is why Lord Alfred Hayes and I became so close, Alfred and Gorilla, or Gino as we called him, took me under their wing and I would just take it from the guys but those two guys took me under their wing and just taught me the ropes and took care of me. Then after a year, that was it, I was in. Once that happens you’re in for life.”

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