Recent “Hurricane” Shane Helms interview


Recap of “The Hurricane” Shane Helms on ‘In Your Head’ wrestling radio, 04/24/2013 by Vic Schiavone:

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed former WWE Superstar The Hurricane to IYH Wrestling Radio for the third time.

Highlights included the following:

Did he think it hinders younger wrestlers when they’re not allowed to do their own stuff and all their promos are scripted?

“Yeah, I definitely believe that.  You know, there’s a lot of artistry to what we do, and if you don’t let artists practice their craft, you’re kind of holding them back.  You can’t go out there and just give everybody free reign at the same time, but guys, whether it’s on house shows or Superstars or that Saturday show (Slam) or whatever, they need to get a chance to go out there and be able to talk, and be able to talk in front of people.  Because it’s a hard thing to do for some people…some people, when the red light on that camera comes on, they can’t put two words together.  It hurts some guys a lot of times; you go out there and you give them free reign to say what they want to say and it’s just garbage, you think “OMG, what did I do?”…I think they’re more afraid of that happening is what the deal is; that’s why they don’t give some guys the creative control to explore their character for themselves because they’re so afraid of somebody striking out.”

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Recent Shane Helms interview writer Daniel Pena reports that in a nearly 30 minute interview with Kayfabe Wrestling Radio, Shane Helms discussed his views on the fan fests and other meet and greets with the fans, his time with 3 Count and his views of WWE’s new group 3MB, meeting Jessicka Havok before she made it big in the business and much more. Highlights are as follows:

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