Bob’s Random Rumblings – October 23, 2012

Rambling #1: In case you haven’t heard, Spike Dudley is coming out of retirement. I believe he retired back in 2010 and was living a good life working as an accountant. He is married and has a child. I remember reading all of that when WWE did an article on where he was now. So, I’m kind of surprised that he is going to step back into the ring. Yeah, you can say that it’s very rare for a wrestler to stay retired, but it seemed like Spike had no reason to come back. Then again, I heard he attended the HOH show ran by Tommy Dreamer. I’m assuming he got the itch to return after attending that show. More power to him. He will wrestling for Squared Circle Wrestling in November to challenge ROH/2CW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen. Considering Spike Dudley is a crazy fella and goes all out, that could be a fun match to witness. Welcome back, Spike!

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