presents: Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania X-8 (phase A)

30for30Hulkamania will clearly never die as 30 for 30 is back with PHASE A of our look at Wrestlemania X-8. Join us as we revisit the beginning of the collapse of the wrestling business and the end of the boom period.

With Phase A, we will educate you and give you all of the TRUE answers youve been waiting for, as we talk about the absolute failure that was the WCW Invasion and what could’ve been, the creative chaos of late 2001, the 9/11 Smackdown, hardcore vs. casual fans, the most bizarre reboot show in wrestling, the arrival of the NWO into the WWF and MUCH MORE~! Download this with RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!!

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OWW Radio – Big D joins Alex to talk about today’s Indy wrestling scene

OWW RadioWelcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week.  This week Alex is joined by a special guest, Big D, the webmaster, founder, and creator of  Alex and Big D discuss AJ Styles, Chris Hero, ROH Final Battle, El Generico, the WWE network, and much more in this entertaining interview!

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Listen to past episodes of OWW Radio here: presents: Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania 2000

30for3030 for 30 parties like its 1999!!!! And on today’s episode, it KIND OF IS! But it’s also 2000. Draven, GG, and D spend four hours reviewing Wrestlemania 2000, the sixteenth annual supercard from Anaheim! But as always we always give you more; such as: an over 15 minute bio on Chris Jericho, an analysis of the creative shift between the mysterious Chris Kreski and Vince Russo’s departure to WCW, the Radicalz jump from WCW, the birth of HUN TOR, WWE goes public, the addition of Smackdown, and A WHOLE LOT MORE! Celebrate the new millenium!!

Bombastic J and Bodacious G join the Emperor Big D as always…

Listen to the show here: presents: Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania XIV

30for30Wrestlemania 30 for 30 talks of the show that saved the WWF – Wrestlemania XIV from 1998 – the show that began the Attitude Era! We review the entire show in GRAPHIC DETAIL, plus spend a considerable amount of time talking about the history and importance of Mike Tyson, the Monday Night War and WCW’s biggest PPV ever, a brief look at the Montreal Screwjob, AND we talk about the Raw the NIGHT AFTER MANIA – the greatest reset show in the history of the business. In depth bios on all your favorites including the ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS, the return of the NWA in 1998, LOD 2000, Foley and Funk, and SO MUCH MORE ITS UNCONTROLLABLE!

Bombastic J and Bodacious G join the Emperor Big D as always…

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