Samoa Joe talks about working with Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo

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Samoa Joe recently appeared on MLW Radio, which you can download at this link. Here are some highlights:

Whether TNA wrestlers are worried or hoping that recent departures mean a better spot for them:
“I think a little bit of both. I mean with guys like AJ gone, he was like the team captain. When you think of Impact Wrestling, you think of AJ Styles.”

Working with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan:
“Um I think Bischoff is still around, I think it’s just a production capacity. I think with Hogan, some people think he had more clout than he did. I think they really wanted him to do a bit more but I think he just didn’t want to really do more at this time. As far as Hogan as a person, cool cat. As far as working with him, I wouldn’t know. I never worked with them. I never see them, I never talk to them. When they just asked me ‘This is what we need from you’ I did it and that was that.”

The infamous kidnapping angle and Vince Russo:
“You want me to break the silence on that? I don’t like getting in verbal spats with people who I don’t think are worth my time or my effort and a dude in particular is Vince Russo. This cat, I don’t have a problem with Vince Russo. When he left I just told him, it is what it is. He always had 22 million reasons for making the decisions that he made. But when Hogan and Bischoff came in they said, ‘Oh we have this great idea. We are going to do this thing and take you off of TV and re-brand you. Do all this other stuff. We do this kidnapping thing and you come back as a psychopath.’ I was cool with it.

I sat at home for 3 months on a bitching ass vacation. I had one of the best vacations in the history of vacations. Paid vacation. Getting ready so I call them back week after week, ‘What do you guys need me to do’. They would say ‘We are still coming up with something’. Vince Russo with his infinite ridiculousness just said, we are short on babyfaces. So I get a call saying, ‘Joe we need to bring you back to TV.’

So I asked him, how is it that you are going to bring me back. He said, I don’t know how just yet but we need to bring you in. So the dude couldn’t write his way out of a kidnapping. The only reason why I bring this up is because he has the audacity to blame all of his silliness on other people. And by the way wrestlers, pro wrestlers all over the world and people in the business, stop whoring yourself out to shoot interviews. This man couldn’t write his way out of a kidnapping. That’s how much respect he had for the product, how much respect he had for the fans and that is indicative of his style of what he did. He was the head writer at the time and this is the way he felt that was admissible. Now I know this little bitch is going to go back on a shoot and talk all of this shit.”

His TNA future:
“I think with TNA now, especially with the inner office changes. I think hopefully I will be on top. I told them already. I said, ‘Look, you guys have tried to do things in different ways.’ I told them at the beginning of last year. ‘You guys have been using me in a utilitarian way for the past 2 or 3 years. I’m cool with it. I know this is a team effort but I’m ready to run with it and produce for you if you give me the opportunity.’ I’ve told John Gaburick the same thing. ‘You guys have been using me in a utilitarian way for the past 2 or 3 years. I’m ready to get shit done. If you want to run with me, It’s going to be this year.’ The ball is in their hands and we will just see what happens.”

Genesis Freeviews: Watch Archived Classic Matches from TNA’s Genesis 2006-2013

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On Thursday night, January 16, TNA Wrestling presents the annual “Genesis” epic event LIVE and FREE on SpikeTV at 9/8c from Huntsville, Alabama at the Von Braun Center! As we count down to the event, watch select past classic matches from Genesis – plus a free view all this week of the entire Genesis 2013 Pay-Per-View event!

Genesis 2006: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Genesis 2007: Ladder Match – Christian Cage vs. Kazarian

Genesis 2011: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Genesis 2013: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

PPV Freeview: Watch the entire Genesis 2013 PPV

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TNA’s One Night Only – Tag Team Tournament: starting tonight on pay-per-view

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One Night Only – “Tag Team Tournament”

This one night 10 team tournament determines who is the greatest tag team in TNA history. Featuring Team 3D, Daniels and Kazarian, Generation Me, Samoa Joe and Magnus, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, and many more. This is the ultimate test of endurance to see who the greatest tag team in TNA history truly is. TNA WRESTLING presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT

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Review of the December 5, 2013 edition of TNA IMPACT!

tna_impactReview of the December 5, 2013 edition of TNA IMPACT!

Opening Segment

AR’s Truth: A really good opening segment that gets the main focus on the two top matches on tonight’s show. Magnus and Roode shined in this segment. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out, if you didn’t read the spoilers.

-Commercial Break-

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Susan G. Komen Orange County launches a Holiday Jingle Campaign featuring Christopher Daniels

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From Actors and Reality Stars to Professional Wrestlers and News Anchors, Notable Personalities Sing to Help Komen Orange County Fund Life-Saving Mammograms:

In conjunction with #GivingTuesday, Susan G. Komen Orange County® today debuted its second holiday jingle campaign on YouTube ( to help raise funds for life-saving mammograms. This year, a handful of familiar faces – some new and some previous Komen holiday jingle participants – generously donated their time and voices to sing about funding mammograms to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” Last year, the first campaign, which parodied “Winter Wonderland,” helped the Affiliate net a 53 percent increase in funds for its year-end appeal.  With a new song and campaign, Komen Orange County is hoping to match or exceed those efforts in 2013.

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Cowboy James Storm returns to Lewisburg, TN this Saturday December 7, 2013

Cowboy james“Cowboy” James Storm has been one of Tennessee’s best wrestling successes.

Having held multiple titles with Impact! wrestling, Storm has been one of those stories that people love to hear.  But this Saturday night, Storm will be returning to the area at All-Star Wrestling in Lewisburg, Tennessee, to take care of a problem.

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Ring of Honor star Homicide recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show

homicide 2Former TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion and current Ring of Honor star Homicide recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show and talked about what he would do to turn TNA Wrestling around:

When asked who should buy TNA:  “Terry Funk, he’s that knowledge of the business, he’s been around the world, he knows everybody…Terry Funk pulls out art every time he wrestles.”

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National Vegan Month spotlight: Pro wrestler and vegan Austin Aries

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Spotlight for National Vegan Month: Meet pro wrestler and vegan Austin Aries (@AustinAries), who is featured every Thursday night on TNA Impact Wrestling airing on Spike TV, regular pay-per-view events, and national and international tours

Pro wrestler Austin Aries is one of the top stars of TNA Impact Wrestling. But what make him unique among his peers is that Austin has been a vegan for two years and a vegetarian for 13 years before that.

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Sports Illustrated spotlights TNA president Dixie Carter

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Sports Illustrated online has posted an exclusive feature article on TNA President Dixie Carter! Titled “Welcome To Dixieland: A Look at Pro Wrestling’s Female Boss”, the piece looks at Dixie’s past, the rise of TNA Wrestling, the early years of the company, the success with SpikeTV, the future of TNA and so much more!

The boos get louder each time Dixie Carter steps out onto the stage, but in pro wrestling, that’s never a bad thing. After a decade of running Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), the No. 2 pro wrestling company in the world, Carter has learned that any reaction is a good reaction.

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