Trevor Murdoch appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show and says he wants to work for Jeff Jarrett

TrevorFormer WWE, TNA, Ring Ka King, and ECW star Trevor Murdoch recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show ( and stated that he would like to work with Jeff Jarrett when he starts a new promotion.

Trevor Murdoch:  “I’m sure you boys have heard the rumor mill about Jeff Jarrett possibly starting a new promotion, I’m hoping to be a part of that.  When I’ve got more information, so will you guys.”
The three time WWE World Tag Team Champion also talked about getting started in WWE by doing Japanese stretching exercises catching the attention of Chris Benoit, getting the “Murdoch” name from Ricky Steamboat, and working and training with Harley Race.
Listen to the interview here:

Trevor Murdoch discusses his feelings on Chis Benoit, Lance Cade, and more

TrevorTrevor Murdoch stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss his feelings on a few topics such as Chis Benoit, Lance Cade, his restaurant, and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

Trevor on the best dish at his restaurant T. Murdoch’s Bar and Grill:

“Well to be honest with you I serve up a mean steak but I got an Pork Tenderloin that covers the plate from edge to edge. It’s thick and nice and taste good so I’m a redneck so I love my pork and steak. It gives me the opportunity to talk to the fans and people on a different level…let them know I’m a regular person like everyone else”