Review of the December 2, 2013 edition of WWE Raw

Raw 3Opening Segment: We are live in Oklahoma City, CM Punk Comes to the ring, He says he knows why The Shield attacked him and it’s because he criticized Triple H. He says he wants to live in his WWE universe but calls the “King of Kings’ dense. He says that Triple and the “Authority” are the biggest losers he has ever seen. Stephanie McMahon comes out and wishes us a happy thanksgiving. She says that there is no way that Triple H had The Shield attack him because its below them She says they were just as upset that The Shield attacked him then she hypes the Contract Signing later tonight. She adds that if he has any other comments then he can ask Kane. He comes out; he says the “Authority” had nothing to do with the attack. Punk asks him when he became an ass kisser but Kane advise him not to go down this road. Kane adds that they are not the enemy and not to go down this path. Punk challenges him and Kane wants to but Stephanie holds him back. The Shield comes out; they surround the ring as Punk gets a chair. Stephanie stops them and tells them to respect Punk. Kane announces that CM Punk will take on The Shield (all three members) at TLC.

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Review of the November 13, 2013 edition of WWE Raw

Raw 3Welcome to the post show of Survivor Series from Long Island, New York. Let’s get into it:

Randy Orton comes down to the ring for Episode 1070. He says that he is owed an apology from everyone that he couldn’t beat the Big Show. He welcomes to the “Authority” down to ringside. They say there can’t be anymore pleased about him retaining the WWE title. Triple H says that he knew what he could be and they needed him to finally reach his potential. Randy said he proved that he is the face of the WWE as Daniel Bryan chants start up. Triple H says the reason they came down to the ring is because it looked like he was going to lose. Randy says that he is the greatest star in the WWE ever and John Cena’s music plays. Cena says that he wants them to listen to this folks and the administration BS like Randy Orton about being confused little boys. He asks who is champion? He wants to cut through the BS and he says it’s time for there be one champion. He challenges right now to a unification match tonight. Stephanie they have been thinking about that possibility. Triple H makes an epic in his term, in three weeks at TLC PPV. They’re going to have a TLC match for both world titles. That’s historic.

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