Manny Fernandez discusses the Four Horsemen and having heat with Tully Blanchard

Manny FernandezWrestling legend and former two time NWA World Tag Team Champion, “The Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez recently joined WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum for an eye opening and controversial near two hour interview, where he candidly spoke on many moments and performers all points throughout his storied career.

The entire interview can be heard here:

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Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard talks about his failed drug test in WWE, and much more

TullyWWE Hall of Famer and original member of the Four Horsemen, Tully Blanchard  recently sat down with Steve and the Scum on WGD Weekly for a great hour plus long interview. Tully spoke about his entire run in the wrestling business from his initial start in the business following his college football days and his rise to the top of the NWA and WWF, right up through his controversial exit from the business.

The interview can be heard in its entirety here:

Highlights from Tully’s interview with WGD Weekly included him chatting with Steve and the Scum on a variety of topics including:

What he feels it meant and still means to be a “Horseman”: “…When it was happening, you had nothing to compare it to, so you really didn’t and couldn’t know the impact. As we got into it, the promotion company and the reason that it is so well remembered, is it was not a promoter’s idea. It wasn’t Crockett and Dusty and all the powers that be sitting around and saying, oh, we’re going to put these four guys together and call them the Four Horseman…It was great entertainment, we sold out buildings…it was impactful, but I think it hit me the most, when I was in the car, driving to the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina and I pulled up behind a school bus. In street clothes, in my car, whatever and one of the kids in the back of the school bus looking out the back window recognized me and you could see him turn around and get frantic. Then there must have been forty little hands stick out the school bus windows on the sides with the four fingers. I can remember sitting there…and I’m going, oh my, this thing is becoming cultish…and it was just amazing because nothing in wrestling had ever done that. Maybe Lou Thez or Ed “Strangler” Lewis back in the 30’s or 40’s, but modern day, nothing had ever impacted like that…it was just amazing to be a part of…”

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Recent Tully Blanchard interview

LordsofPain’s Daniel Pena reports on Tully Blanchard’s recent appearance on Inside The Ropes radio.  Highlights are as follows:

Lex Luger as a Horsemen: “At that time you had to look long and hard to find anyone who had a better physique than Luger. I forget why they ran Ole off, but he got fired and it was a perfect spot to stick Luger and immediately make him a top guy. Now you can put people in a situation where they become a top guy without having the physical ability to do the job, but Lex was able to do it. It was a situation where it was, from my opinion, it was great for Luger for a while. He was much better as a baby face than he ever was being part of the Horsemen. It was our job to get beat up. It was not entertaining watching a 6 foot 5, 270 pound guy getting beat up, it was much better for him to be beating up.”

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