The Ultimate Warrior issues a statement regarding his eBay merchandise is reporting that the Ultimate Warrior issued the following statement regarding reports of him asking for 30% of any Warrior merchandise sold on eBay or he’s threatening legal action and having those items removed from eBay:

“Recent stories about Warrior attempting to swindle 30% royalties from eBayers auctioning Ultimate Warrior items are ridiculously inaccurate. The actual royalty demand is 110%, 100% of money made from the sale plus a 10% service fee for handling the hassle of informing others of their no-nos.

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Rare YouTube clip of Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre The Giant in Italy in 1988

Andre_the_GiantThis is the only known time the Ultimate Warrior was pinned clean during his WWF Career.  The match was broadcasted on Italian TV on RAI.  The match was held in Cesena, nearby Grenoble in France, so it was probably a treat to Andre the Giant for his hometown crowd.

Date for the match is presumably on April 15, 1988.

Watch the clip here: presents: Rare Ultimate Warrior photos

Ultimate Warrior 2Courtesy of

Although Ultimate Warrior has long been an iconic Superstar, the intense individual from Parts Unknown has been shrouded in mystery for much of his career. Get a closer look at the former WWE Champion in these rare photos that show Warrior like you’ve never seen him before.

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