Recent Vader interview on Inside The Ropes Radio

VaderVader recently joined Inside The Ropes for a rare radio interview. Here are the highlights:

Working with Hulk Hogan in WCW:
“Terry, he was obviously in charge. Everyone said that Eric was in charge but Hogan was pretty much running the show. He did what he wanted to do so when you worked with Hogan it was like working with the President of CNN. He called the shots, we did what he wanted to do. It wasn’t the match I would’ve had with him. The match I would’ve had with him, not necessarily a different outcome, just a different context of the match. Terry is doing fantastic and I wish him well. I’m honored to have worked with him. Hulk Hogan, when it comes to wrestling, he started it all. He’s the man. You’ve had The Rock and Stone Cold, but before them you had Hogan, he was the very first. My hats off to him.”

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For Canadian Wrestling’s Elite it’s VADER TIME!


David Dexter reports:

It’s time… it’s time… It’s VADER TIME!

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite is proud to announce it will debut at a new venue apart of a HUGE event in Winnipeg on Sunday, April 14th with the first ever Western Canadian independent wrestling appearance of former World Champion & Wrestling Icon Big Van Vader!

Tickets will go on sale next Friday night at CWE’s Extreme Measures featuring former 4x ECW World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.