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Sting: Return of an Icon

Description: In a business with numerous claimants to the title of Icon, Sting stands out as one of the more under-appreciated candidates. Sting, above all others in the world of professional wrestling, maintained a rare sense of respectability and dignity.

Back in 2001, when Vince McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling, Sting decided to finish his 16-year wrestling career and come to terms with his retirement from the industry he loved so much. His newfound faith in the Lord would carry him onto the next phase of his life. A year and a half later, Sting crept back into the world of pro-wrestling with sporadic appearances with an international promotion known as World Wrestling All-Stars; by the middle of 2003, he was appearing in the upstart NWA: Total Nonstop Action, as a favor to the man who gave him his first big break, Jerry Jarrett. As the first big name to give TNA his endorsement, Sting lent a much needed atmosphere of legitimacy which undoubtedly helped TNA grow by leaps and bounds. After a brief hiatus, Sting returned with much fanfare at the beginning of 2006 with a new passion for his life, his career, and most importantly, for the growth of TNA.
This DVD was produced by TNA Entertainment and is appropriately divided into two parts; 1) The Return, and 2) The Career. "The Return" portion chronicles the first eight months of Sting's big return to pro-wrestling, and helping to catapult TNA to bigger and better things. With a runtime of about 4-hours, this DVD features most of Sting's matches on TNA iMPACT and Pay-Pew-View complete and unedited. Including Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown, Sting's farewell speech, Sting vs. Eric Young, Sting's Army vs. Jarrett's Army in Lethal Lockdown, Sting & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner, Sting vs. Scott Steiner, Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner, and Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner in the Road to Victory 4-Way Ladder match, plus a whole bunch of extra stuff in between to glue it all together.

"The Career" segment includes candid interviews with Steve Bordon talking about his professional career as Sting and his private life as a husband and father. Bordon shows off his collection of ring jacket that paint a vivid picture of the heights that the famed wrestler has achieved. On top of all of this, there is a section of bonus material including a Sting Music Video, Sting playing the "Name Association" game, TNA wrestlers talking about Sting, a plug for the Sting: Moment of Truth movie, Sting demonstrates his face-paint techniques, Sting's first TNA match back at the First Anniversary Show (Sting and Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles and Sean Waltman) and a lengthy picture gallery set to music.

The footprints that Sting has left behind him, tell an inspirational story, much of which can be experienced in the movie Sting: Moment of Truth. However, TNA's "Sting: Return of an Icon" is more oriented to the wrestling audience, and fans of Sting can experience the breathtaking story of one of wrestling's top performers in the last twenty years. This was an intense four hour tribute to a man that is incredibly well respected among his friends, his family, his peers, and especially his fans.

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Rating: 9 / 10

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on October 26, 2006.

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