The Best of AJ Styles

Description: This is an excellent TNA DVD displaying arguably there best start AJ Styles this is a 2 disc DVD that contains 12 full matches from the begging of TNA in 2002 until April 2004. The first disc is almost completely about the X-Division and includes AJ's win in the first ever X title match. Also featured on this disc are the 2 triple threat matches against Low Ki and Jerry Lynn the second of witch involves the use of ladders. AJ also dose battle against Sean Waltman (6-Pac) and the Amazing Red before teaming up with DLo Brown to face Triple X. The tag team match is pretty much the start of the DVDs focus going to AJ going after the World Heavyweight Title witch leads to disc 2. Right off the bat in disc 2 your given AJ Styles first NWA title win over Jeff Jarrett and Raven and goes on to defend it against DLo Brown in a ladder match and then against Low Ki. Disc 2 continues on with AJ now without the title fighting the Monster Abyss in 2 wild hard hitting matches before ending with AJ's second NWA title win over Jeff Jarrett inside a steel cage. In between each match the man him self AJ Styles gives his thoughts on topics such as winning the X-Division title and NWA title, Pioneers of the X-Division, the fans and more. This is truly a must own DVD for wrestling fans that contains some out of this world action from the man know simply as The Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by Richard Ludwick on March 25, 2006.


The Best of AJ Styles

Description: Indisputably great. After a series of disappointing DVD releases like the Best of Raven, Jeff Hardy and Christopher Daniels, TNA finally delivers an astounding wrestling DVD in Phenomenal: The Best of AJ Styles, which easily goes head-to-head and even betters most of the WWE wrestling DVD products out there. TNA blew it with the Christopher Daniels DVD but here, they finally get things right with the AJ Styles DVD and they deserve a round of applause for bringing us a splendidly packaged two-disc DVD that introduces who AJ Styles is and why he enjoys wrestling. And what better way to introduce your core audience to your promotion than showcasing the best pure athlete today and the man that embodies what is right about TNA?

The main problem with the Daniels DVD was the editing of the matches that ruined the material rather than presenting them in their original form. Thankfully, lightning does not strike twice here in Phenomenal and all of AJ Styles' 12 best matches are presented in their entity, including his two breathtaking triple threat matches involving Low Ki and Jerry Lynn, his first World Heavyweight title victory over Jeff Jarrett and Raven as well as his first X-Division title win, a very good clusterf--k against Sean Waltman and some nice brawls against Abyss, D'Lo Brown and Jeff Jarrett. Also included is his stunning X-Division title defense against Amazing Red, another reason to get this excellent DVD.

Some of the matches here are not classics and they will certainly not be on the top ten lists but they showcase the best of AJ Styles from both a wrestling and storyline standpoint and what some matches lack in quality they make up in significance and crowning achievements that are added to a wrestler who is not even thirty years old yet. In between these matches are brief interviews in which AJ Styles analyzes himself and his love for wrestling. Watch this DVD and you'll understand why.

There is no doubt that when you think of TNA, you think of AJ Styles. Here is a man that famously turned down a lucrative WWE contract back in 2002 and was mocked at by many wrestling fans. Today, after a series of events that occurred, it has become perfectly clear that he has made the right choice. AJ Styles is the kind of wrestler TNA needs and the man that fits the image perfectly: attitude, action, passion, excitement and pure wrestling. This DVD does nothing but great justice to a man that will some day be considered a legend in the eyes of many fans who watched him compete in Indies and TNA. A perfect introduction to one of the rising stars in recent wrestling, it is, much like AJ, simply phenomenal.

This belongs on every wrestling DVD collection.

Rating: Strongest recommendation.

Reviewed by Joe L. on July 1, 2006.

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