Territory of Booking Wrestlers Unleashed


Charisma Corner with Bob Eager:
Territory of Booking Wrestlers Unleashed

Booking the Territory started as a Mike Mills and Doc Turner joking about doing a podcast.

Mills calls it a discussion show not really an interview show. It seems this frees the wrestlers from the confines and allows them to step out of their comfort zone and discuss the underbelly of the business. And say things they wouldn’t normally talk about.

Mills has been working in the indies since the late 90’s so he knows a thing or two about the industry.

MIlls recounts some of his favorite moments.  “A couple of my favorite moments from the show would have to be parts 1 and 2 with the One Man Gang especially when One Man Gang told the story of when he and Rod Price were in ECW. They tell a story of when Rod Price was bleeding so bad from the head after an ECW match that he literally had to use a Kotex pad on his head that one of the lady wrestlers at the show had. Gang also told stories of his World Class days from the Sportatorium that were golden. Michael Tarver’s discussion was also great when he was on the show. And Big Swoll from the Monday Night Wars with WCW and the No Limit Soldiers was also a great 2 part episode.”

This show is all about respecting the wrestlers and letting their voices be heard unedited and in some ways unscripted. Booking the Territory also has deep  a respect for the fans as well.

Mills says, “Most of the top Q&A with the fans and topics sent in for discussion with the fans is anything but serious. We’re serious in addressing the issues at times but we also will not bore our listeners to death.”

Bob Eager