The AJ Lee Agenda


Turnbuckle Post: The AJ Lee Agenda
By: Peter Bahi

On March 30th, 2015 A.J Lee excited a lot of its fans by sending the following Tweet:

“You guys, I’m 2-0 at Wrestlemania. I’m pretty much going after Taker’s streak”.

-A.J. @WWEAJLee  

Understandably noted as a fun gesture at the heart of her undefeated streak, it gave all the appearance that A.J was going to be with the WWE for the long haul. Then on April 3rd, WWE sent the following Tweet:

BREAKING: AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best.

– WWE @WWE   · 23 hours ago  

When the official news was announced about AJ’s departure, I was curious, but not surprised as to why she would leave the company that was her dream job since she was a little girl crying while meeting her hero Lita at a signing.

She is married to CM Punk, who we all know has serious issues with the WWE. We also remember A.J’s backlash with Stephanie McMahon after Stephanie took part in a Twitter tribute to Patricia Arquette standing up for women’s rights of equal financial opportunity.

Regardless of what seems logical as to why A.J would choose after Wrestlemania to leave, the earlier Tweet about wanting to break Undertaker’s streak is an implication, at least to me, that she was not planning to leave so sudden.

Mock pregnancy photos with NXT star Bayley show Bayley holding a “pregnant” A.J announcing they are with child. As has been mentioned by several outlets, there would be no chance the company would risk a miscarriage by placing her on a Wrestlemania card to wrestle as well as the next night on Raw; still, something seems off about this entire scenario.

A.J recently Tweeted about a book deal in the works with Leshne Agency that will inspire girls to become women and inspire underdogs to make their dream a reality. A.J does not strike me as a full time writer, and as a writer myself; the idea of picturing A.J sit behind a computer screen all day after performing in front of crowds such as the most recent at WrestleMania of over 76,000 people seems far-fetched; however, with her, one can only imagine what kind of dreams she had placed on hold while pursuing her ultimate dream of being in the WWE for close to five years.

Five years of being a WWE Diva has solidified her as one of the all-time great Divas the company has ever seen next to only Trish Stratus. Will the WWE allow her to be in the WWE Hall of Fame? I believe this will happen, only if she does not throw pipe bombs along the way.

How interesting would it be for A.J to be in the WWE Hall of Fame before her husband, CM Punk? Granted, I do believe a Hall of Fame ceremony from the company would be the last thing on Punk’s wish-list, it still would make sense to induct A.J considering her five years with the company has been more successful than a lot of other Divas who have been there longer.

We did not get to see great A.J vs. Charlotte or Sasha Banks feuds, however, from what we did see, we did love.

Nothing will ever make sense as to why she decided to walk away after being only twenty-eight years old; however, being that she is a self-professed geek, I don’t see how, at her age and popularity, you wouldn’t want to put her in front of your television screen in television shows, film or podcasting.

A.J Lee attended Tisch School of the Arts and has the experience in front of a camera. She is one of the most popular attractions no longer associated with the WWE, so perhaps the idea of her leaving is better for all of us to see more of her in other ventures.

We here at Online World of Wrestling definitely wish A.J Lee all the best and hope that last Monday’s Raw was not the last of her in ring debut. We do hope to see her enshrined someday into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Wrestlemania 32, Jerry Jones should come calling.

— Peter Bahi