The Best Divas Rivalry Ever?


Heel Turn: The Best Divas Rivalry Ever?
By Joe Messineo

Action in the WWE Divas division is heating up. One of the biggest story lines in the Divas division is the apparent schism that has happened in PCB. Ever since Charlotte secured the Divas championship, Paige has been less than supportive.

Some could describe Paige’s actions as being catty. Other fans believe that Paige is envious of Charlotte’s rapid rise in fame and notoriety in the WWE. The budding rivalry between Paige and Charlotte has the potential to become one of the best Divas rivalries ever. Here’s three reasons why:

Paige & Charlotte Are Polar Opposites 

Charlotte is tall and blonde, Paige has black hair and a smaller build. Paige makes up for her size with her scrappiness in the ring. Think about some of the best rivalries in WWE history. Many of the characters who have had legendary rivalries were complete polar opposites. Think about these examples:

Just to name a few; Paige and Charlotte have the chemistry, the looks and the charisma is start a rivalry that WWE fans will remember for years to come.

Paige’s Blue Collar Work Ethic vs. Charlotte’s Wrestling Pedigree 

Although Charlotte is a tremendous competitor in the ring, it is hard for fans to look past the fact that she is the daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair. While Charlotte has certainly paid her dues, because of the legendary status of her father, Charlotte will always have her father’s legacy hanging over her head.

Paige, on the other hand, has been wrestling since she was 13. Paige’s family has ties in the wrestling business, however, Paige’s ascension into the WWE has taken more a blue collar path. Paige has wrestled in several independent wrestling organizations all around the world before finally making it into the WWE.

The classic white collar versus blue collar dynamic plays out perfectly in this rivalry, which could make a potential Charlotte vs. Paige rivalry one of the best in WWE Divas history.

The WWE Divas Popularity is Unprecedented 

The Divas Revolution isn’t a gimmick; the popularity of the Divas superstars is here to stay. Divas have steadily been getting more matches on Raw, Smackdown and PPVs over the years and deservedly so. The Divas have stepped up their game and performed well in the ring. In some cases, you could argue that the Divas have outperformed the men’s division in WWE!

Paige and Charlotte are relatable characters in the Divas division, which broadens their appeal to fans who many not regularly watch professional wrestling. Paige and Charlotte are two characters that could potentially help the Divas gain mass appeal in pop culture.

Both characters are likable, appeal to different fans and have tremendous in-ring ability. The rivalry between Paige and Charlotte will likely continue to become stirred up over the next few months as the two once close friends become embroiled in a battle to secure the WWE Divas Championship.

Joe Messineo